This week's cage match takes a look at two former top draft picks on defense...

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#3 RizzeeDizzee 2014-08-13 19:07
@Steffen - thanks, and I'm glad this was a timely and informative column for you. The beauty of Cage Match is many people own one or even both players, and even if they don't there's still useful information about how to go about analyzing similar players that you might actually own.

@Bogus - keep in mind that Fowler was big time minus his first two seasons, and some (including me) think his turnaround in that area is mostly due to him being "dragged up" by the improved team surrounding him. And maybe Fowler does go ahead and break out in his fourth "full" season, although I really have a tough time seeing it given all the data I dissected in putting together this column.
#2 Bogus 2014-08-13 12:02
The only other "negative", pun intended, I have with Johnson is his consistently negative +/- ratings for Multi Cat leagues that count. He has only had 1 year with a positive +/- and was a negative his whole time with LA...

I'm also hoping Fowler does have a breakout year and realizes his full offensive potential.
#1 Steffen 2014-08-13 01:46
Excellent analysis, and for me, especially timely. Thank you.

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