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NHL Player News - Page: 160


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
HUDLER, JIRINEWSThe Contrarian – He is a Goner2016-01-03 18:30:01
FILPPULA, VALTTERINEWSThe Contrarian – He is a Goner2016-01-03 18:30:01
KESSEL, PHILNEWSThe Contrarian – He is a Goner2016-01-03 18:30:01
EICHEL, JACKNEWSRambling: ... Jack Eichel was at it again on Saturday. Eichel...2016-01-03 06:30:02
MCDAVID, CONNORNEWSRambling: might not be named Eichel or Connor McDavid. It still might not be. But Eich...2016-01-03 06:30:02
EBERLE, JORDANNEWSRambling: ... If you’re a Jordan Eberle owner, pickings have been slimmer...2016-01-03 06:30:02
QUICK, JONATHANNEWSRambling: ... Jonathan Quick and the Kings are on quite a run...2016-01-03 06:30:02
BERNIER, JONATHANNEWSRambling: ...dn’t start at the moment ( Jonathan Bernier) won over a goalie that you us...2016-01-03 06:30:02
ALLEN, JAKENEWSRambling: ... that you usually should start ( Jake Allen). Someone out there might have been ...2016-01-03 06:30:02
REIMER, JAMESNEWSRambling: ...ding situation interesting once James Reimer returns to health.
2016-01-03 06:30:02
PARISE, ZACHNEWSRambling: ... I had to check to make sure Zach Parise is a ...2016-01-03 06:30:02
VIRTANEN, JAKENEWSRambling: ...the World Juniors for a moment. Jake Virtanen received a sizable portion of the...2016-01-03 06:30:02
BARKOV, ALEKSANDERNEWSRambling: been signed to an extension, Aleksander Barkov is working on one, and ...2016-01-03 06:30:02
JAGR, JAROMIRNEWSRambling: ...rkov is working on one, and Jaromir Jagr is one of the all-star captains. E...2016-01-03 06:30:02
LUONGO, ROBERTONEWSRambling: ... And hello, old friend Roberto Luongo. There probably aren’t man...2016-01-03 06:30:02
CAMMALLERI, MIKENEWSRambling: ... Mike Cammalleri missed Saturday’s game ag...2016-01-03 06:30:02
TLUSTY, JIRINEWSRambling: ... case you’re wondering if Jiri Tlusty is getting a fair shake with the De...2016-01-03 06:30:02
CROSBY, SIDNEYNEWSRambling: ... been waiting for finally here? Sidney Crosby scored two goals on seven shots o...2016-01-03 06:30:02
JOHNSON, JACKNEWSRambling: award, it would have gone to Jack Johnson on Saturday. Johnson not only led ...2016-01-03 06:30:02
FORSBERG, ANTONNEWSRambling: ... Honorable mention to Anton Forsberg, who entered the game in overtim...2016-01-03 06:30:02