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NHL Player News - Page: 48


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
STEMPNIAK, LEEINJURYreturned to action2012-03-19 06:46:31
TANGUAY, ALEXINJURYmay have been injured2012-03-19 06:45:33
SANFORD, CURTISINJURYSanford left Sunday night's action with a "lower-body" injury. He will not return2012-03-18 18:37:11
ZAJAC, TRAVISINJURYWhile no decision has been made for a Zajac return, he is expected back prior to the end of the regular season. He will not play on Monday2012-03-18 09:53:58
HALL, TAYLORINJURYTaylor Hall says he 'feels fine' after being knocked out on Friday against the Flames2012-03-18 09:10:43
HALL, TAYLORINJURYHall suffers concussion vs Flames.2012-03-17 08:41:39
BERTUZZI, TODDINJURYReturns from injury tonight2012-03-14 14:24:54
DATSYUK, PAVELINJURYCould return Saturday2012-03-14 14:23:58
BACKSTROM, NICKLASINJURYHas now skated two days in a row2012-03-14 10:23:21
LETANG, KRISTOPHERINJURYCould return tomorrow night2012-03-14 10:22:21
PARENTEAU, PIERREINJURYMissed last night's game with UBI2012-03-13 22:43:54
CALLAHAN, RYANINJURYCallahan and Del Zotto did not skate today; will not play against the Hurricanes2012-03-13 09:24:09
TIMONEN, KIMMOINJURYTimonen says 95 percent he plays; voracek is in2012-03-13 08:23:17
BOGOSIAN, ZACHINJURYmaybe will play tonight2012-03-13 05:55:53
VERSTEEG, KRISINJURYnot ready but skating2012-03-13 05:54:07
DATSYUK, PAVELINJURYwill sit out 2 more games2012-03-12 16:24:56
LANDESKOG, GABRIELINJURYquestionable tonight2012-03-12 12:46:07
HARDING, JOSHINJURYbacked up Sunday2012-03-12 10:16:13
HAVLAT, MARTININJURYcould return this week2012-03-12 10:13:22
SOURAY, SHELDONINJURYdoubtful2012-03-12 09:37:11