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NHL Player News - Page: 4


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
OKPOSO, KYLESTREAK15 points since daughter was born earlier this month2014-01-27 21:57:15
SEMIN, ALEXANDERSTREAKPoints in six straight2014-01-27 21:55:17
BOBROVSKY, SERGEISTREAKBeats his old team and the Jackets win 8 in a row2014-01-24 12:49:02
STALOCK, ALEXSTREAKPosts second straight shutout2014-01-24 10:27:35
JOSI, ROMANSTREAKHeating up with 6 points in last 42014-01-21 12:44:07
TAVARES, JOHNSTREAKExtends point streak to 3 games2014-01-21 12:36:00
PAVELSKI, JOESTREAKScores two more, has 6 goals in last 3 games2014-01-21 12:29:48
MARCHAND, BRADSTREAK11 goals in last 15 games2014-01-20 19:34:02
READ, MATTSTREAKSix of 13 goals this year against Islanders2014-01-20 19:32:08
OKPOSO, KYLESTREAKSeven points in seven games2014-01-20 19:31:06
MESZAROS, ANDREJSTREAKAndrej has scored 9 points in last 3 games, including 3 goals.2014-01-19 15:33:47
PAVELEC, ONDREJSTREAKGets first win in seven games2014-01-13 20:29:14
BOBROVSKY, SERGEISTREAKWins fifth in a row2014-01-13 20:21:50
HILLER, JONASSTREAKFranchise record 14 consecutive wins2014-01-13 20:03:32
TOFFOLI, TYLERSTREAKToffoli has gone 10 games without a point2014-01-12 14:52:05
TAVARES, JOHNSTREAKTavares nets hat-trick, five point night in final Olympic tryout2014-01-07 07:33:09
BARKOV, ALEKSANDERSTREAKSix game point streak2014-01-06 19:49:11
TAVARES, JOHNSTREAKFifth career hat trick2014-01-06 19:44:37
SHARP, PATRICKSTREAKSharp continues to roll with his 2nd hat trick in a week, and 9 markers over his past 6.2014-01-04 06:32:06
SKINNER, JEFFSTREAKOn fire with another hat-trick2014-01-03 10:04:48