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PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
DEMERS, JASONTRANSACTIONFantasy Analysis - Dillon traded for Demers2014-12-23 11:23:10
DILLON, BRENDENTRANSACTIONFantasy Analysis - Dillon traded for Demers2014-12-23 11:22:56
BRODEUR, MARTINTRANSACTIONFantasy Analysis - St. Louis signs Brodeur2014-12-23 11:22:22
KLINKHAMMER, ROBERTTRANSACTIONFantasy Analysis - Pittsburgh acquires Rob Klinkhammer2014-12-23 11:21:56
BRYZGALOV, ILJATRANSACTIONFantasy Analysis - Anaheim signs Bryzgalov2014-12-23 11:21:32
MORIN, JEREMYTRANSACTIONFantasy Analysis - Columbus acquires Morin2014-12-23 11:21:12
BURAKOVSKY, ANDRETRANSACTIONHas been sent to the AHL2014-12-19 20:20:07
TALBOT, CAMTRANSACTIONTalbot signs a 1 year extension2014-12-19 20:18:37
KLINKHAMMER, ROBERTTRANSACTIONRob Klinkhammer traded to the Pens2014-12-05 14:05:58
BRODEUR, MARTINTRANSACTIONPracticing with the Blues in lieu of Elliott injury2014-11-27 10:53:09
SPEZZA, JASONTRANSACTIONsigns extension with Dallas2014-11-27 10:41:39
SPEZZA, JASONTRANSACTIONSigns a new 4 year deal worth 30 million 2014-11-21 08:57:15
REINHART, SAMTRANSACTIONWill go back to the minors2014-10-31 13:01:25
AITTOKALLIO, SAMITRANSACTIONCalled up by the Avs2014-10-17 12:45:44
DROUIN, JONATHANTRANSACTIONDrouin sent to the minors for conditioning2014-10-17 12:33:46
GARRISON, JASONTRANSACTIONTraded to the Tampa Bay Lightning2014-06-30 06:24:48
HORNQVIST, PATRICTRANSACTIONAcquired by the Penguins in the James Neal trade2014-06-30 06:23:04
SPALING, NICKTRANSACTIONAcquired by the Penguins in James Neal deal2014-06-30 06:22:34
NEAL, JAMESTRANSACTIONTraded to Nashville Predators2014-06-30 06:21:58
DORSETT, DEREKTRANSACTIONTraded to Vancouver2014-06-30 06:20:58