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NHL Player News - Page: 30


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
EBBETT, ANDREWTRANSACTIONCanucks re-sign Ebbett and Pinizzotto2012-07-02 14:47:14
BOLDUC, ALEXANDRETRANSACTIONRe-signs one-year deal with Coyotes2012-07-02 14:45:34
CONNER, CHRISTRANSACTIONSigns one-year deal with Coyotes2012-07-02 14:44:36
HUDLER, JIRITRANSACTIONSigns four-year $16M deal with Flames2012-07-02 12:51:32
HEDBERG, JOHANTRANSACTIONStaying with Devils on a two-year deal2012-07-02 09:43:06
BRODEUR, MARTINTRANSACTION2 year contract2012-07-02 05:48:38
PONIKAROVSKY, ALEXEITRANSACTIONHeading to the Jets on a one-year $1.8M deal2012-07-01 21:30:52
STAAL, JORDANTRANSACTIONCanes ink newly acquired center to a ten-year $60M deal2012-07-01 21:30:32
GARRISON, JASONTRANSACTIONSigns six-year deal worth $27.6M with Canucks2012-07-01 21:30:04
GLASS, TANNERTRANSACTIONSigns two-year deal to join Penguins2012-07-01 21:28:03
CRABB, JOSEPHTRANSACTIONSigns a one-year deal with Caps2012-07-01 21:27:00
MCCLEMENT, JAYTRANSACTIONSigns two-year deal with Leafs; team also re-signs Frattin2012-07-01 21:21:31
SOURAY, SHELDONTRANSACTIONDucks sign Souray and two others2012-07-01 21:19:57
FOLIGNO, NICKTRANSACTIONShipped to Blue Jackets for Marc Methot2012-07-01 21:18:27
SAMUELSSON, MIKAELTRANSACTIONThe Swede will be taking his second tour of Detroit when signing today for two years2012-07-01 15:34:40
SALO, SAMITRANSACTIONThe thirty-seven year-old defender has signed a two year deal with the Lightning for $7.5M2012-07-01 15:33:31
PARENTEAU, PATRANSACTIONThe Gatineau native has signed a four-year deal with the Avalanche for $16M2012-07-01 15:32:21
PENNER, DUSTINTRANSACTIONThe Stanley Cup Champs have resigned Penner for one year at $3.25M2012-07-01 15:31:14
KUBA, FILIPTRANSACTIONThe Czech defender has signed a two year deal with the Panthers for $4M per2012-07-01 15:30:06
BOYES, BRADTRANSACTIONThe former Sabres forward has signed a one year deal with the Islanders at $1.1M2012-07-01 11:07:01