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NHL Player News - Page: 37


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
FOSTER, KURTISTRANSACTIONKurtis Foster + Nick Palmieri + Stephane Veilleux + 2nd + 3rd to MIN for Marek Zidlicky 2012-02-25 06:59:40
ZIDLICKY, MAREKTRANSACTIONMarek Zidlicky to NJD for Kurtis Foster + Nick Palmieri + Stephane Veilleux + 2nd + 3rd2012-02-25 06:57:49
JOHNSON, JACKTRANSACTIONJack Johnson + 1st to CBJ for Jeff Carter2012-02-24 09:04:50
CARTER, JEFFTRANSACTIONJeff Carter to LA for Jack Johnson + 1st2012-02-24 09:04:07
VERMETTE, ANTOINETRANSACTIONVermette dealt to Coyotes2012-02-22 12:46:00
RUUTU, TUOMOTRANSACTIONRuutu signs 4 year deal with Canes2012-02-22 12:44:17
QUINCEY, KYLETRANSACTIONtraded to Det2012-02-21 13:24:29
CONKLIN, TYTRANSACTIONput on waivers2012-02-20 09:50:07
KUBINA, PAVELTRANSACTIONFlyers have acquired D Pavel Kubina from Tampa Bay in exchange for C Jon Kalinski, a 2nd rd pick, from FLA, and a 2013 4th rd pick2012-02-19 08:05:55
STONE, MICHAELTRANSACTIONStone & Watkins called up for potential NHL debuts2012-02-18 11:24:10
WATKINS, MATTTRANSACTIONWatkins & Stone called up for potential NHL debuts2012-02-18 11:23:38
GUSTAFSSON, ERIKTRANSACTIONGustafsson demoted to AHL day after scoring 1st NHL goal2012-02-18 11:18:45
HUNTER, TRENTTRANSACTIONTrent Hunter clears waivers2012-02-18 10:48:18
SHAW, ANDREWTRANSACTIONShaw demoted to AHL2012-02-17 11:43:03
HAYES, JIMMYTRANSACTIONHayes recalled2012-02-17 11:42:44
MOORE, DOMINICTRANSACTIONMoore traded to Sharks for a 2nd round pick2012-02-17 11:35:04
GEOFFRION, BLAKETRANSACTIONGeoffrion dealt to Montreal in Gill trade2012-02-17 11:28:56
STRACHAN, TYSONTRANSACTIONPanthers sign Strachan to an extension2012-02-15 16:19:27
BOYCHUK, JOHNNYTRANSACTIONsigns 3 year extension2012-02-14 11:33:54
AULIE, KEITHTRANSACTIONKeith Aulie has been recalled by the Leafs2012-02-14 10:39:11