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NHL Player News - Page: 8


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
PERREAULT, MATHIEUTRANSACTIONDucks acquire Perreault for LW John Mitchell and a pick2013-09-29 15:46:39
KREIDER, CHRISTRANSACTIONKreider sent down2013-09-29 11:21:46
ZUCKER, JASONTRANSACTIONZucker sent down by Wild2013-09-29 11:14:24
HANSEN, JANNIKTRANSACTIONJannik Hansen resigns for 4 years2013-09-29 11:12:49
COLBORNE, JOETRANSACTIONJoe Colborne traded to Flames for 4th round pick2013-09-29 11:07:35
HORVAT, BOTRANSACTIONBo Horvat sent back to junior2013-09-29 11:05:25
CONNOLLY, BRETTTRANSACTIONConnolly Sent down by LIghtning2013-09-29 11:04:00
TOFFOLI, TYLERTRANSACTIONToffoli Sent down by Kings2013-09-29 11:03:07
THOMAS, TIMOTHY JR.TRANSACTIONTim Thomas signs 1 year deal with the Panthers2013-09-27 10:20:37
ELLIOTT, STEFANTRANSACTIONCut from training camp2013-09-25 21:02:17
OMARK, LINUSTRANSACTIONClears waivers. Off to OKC2013-09-25 21:01:22
OLVER, MARKTRANSACTIONOlver assigned to minors if he clears waivers.2013-09-24 19:08:10
BRUNNER, DAMIENTRANSACTIONDamien Brunner signs with Devils, multi-year deal.2013-09-24 18:29:00
CAMPBELL, JACKTRANSACTIONassigned to Texas of the AHL2013-09-23 13:49:58
RAYMOND, MASONTRANSACTIONinked to 1 year deal with Leafs2013-09-23 13:10:00
OLVER, MARKTRANSACTIONsent to the AHL as part of cuts for the Avalanche2013-09-23 10:28:41
SHEAHAN, RILEYTRANSACTIONpart of latest cuts from the Red Wings2013-09-23 09:37:37
HACKETT, MATTHEWTRANSACTIONSent to AHL by the Sabres2013-09-23 09:33:23
MORROW, BRENDENTRANSACTIONInks 1 year deal with STL Blues2013-09-23 09:32:08
MCNABB, BRAYDENTRANSACTIONamong the latest cuts from Sabres2013-09-23 09:31:53