Fantasy Hockey Podcast: Making a “Fantasy League Madness”

by Dobber on August 12, 2019


So here's what he did: we opened the floor to suggestions for how to make the Keeping Karlsson Ultimate Patron Fantasy League(KKUPFL) even better with one rule change. Then we put them all into a tournament elimination bracket, and promised that the last one standing would be in for Season 5 of the KKUPFL. With the help of friends Jon and Dave, Elan and Brian debate the pros and cons of 32 different fantasy league rule candidates, from the subtle and obvious to the radical and novel. One by one, 31 rule change suggestions fall away, and nearly three hours later, a victor emerges…


Follow along with the bracket here.


And, when you're done listening*, check out the completed bracket here.

(*Or if you want to totally spoil the whole episode for yourself.. but we strongly recommend against it!)


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