Bruins acquire Zac Rinaldo

by Dobber on June 30, 2015


Fantasy Impact: The Boston Bruins have traded a third-round draft pick to Philadelphia in exchange for winger Zac Rinaldo.


The Flyers get: almost the same return as Vancouver got for Eddie Lack? What is wrong with this picture?



The Bruins get: fleeced. Sorry for the apt assessment, but there is no other way to dress this up. I’m trying to defend GM Don Sweeney. To back up his point of view. He was put in a tough spot cap-wise and has to get out of it. He got great return for Milan Lucic. But he didn’t work hard enough at moving Dougie Hamilton. And now he’s giving away decent draft picks for fringe players who can’t crack the lineup regularly. 


Boston lost a crash-and-banger in Lucic, so they acquired another one. And Rinaldo had 216 hits last season and if he can get into the lineup for 70 games then perhaps he can get 275 hits. But he can’t contribute in any other way. It’s hits, penalty minutes and that’s it. Get Rinaldo’s stats from last season here.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Rinaldo got into 58 games last season (he also missed time due to, ahem, suspension). With the Bruins, it seems likely that he’ll get into the lineup a little more than that. So an uptick in hits is to be expected. With his skill set, it won’t negatively impact any of the other players in terms of ice time, though there may be a little concern over the prospect wingers trying to crack the roster. Players such as Seth Griffith.



Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Griffith


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Rinaldo