Top 100 Roto – November 2013

by Austin Wallace on November 28, 2013



 Welcome to the second edition of the new Top 100 Roto! Like everything else on DobberHockey, it will hopefully assist you in evaluating the players in your league. Download November's Top 100 Roto Here.




Read on for an explanation of how the list works:

The Top 100 Roto is a list of the top 100 players that will help you win a specific rotisserie league. More than that, it brings a tier-based value system to fantasy hockey. Category tiers clearly show what makes a fantasy hockey player valuable. You already know that Zach Parise gains a lot of value from his shot total, but it isn't as simple to figure out what has more relative value in a 250 player league roto league, 1.3 hits a game or 0.7 assists per game? Tiers, as set up here, are designed to show relative value across scoring categories; a top tier goal scorer is as valuable as someone in tier one for hits.




In addition to the eight tiers for each of the seven scoring categories, this list separates groups of players into coloured tiers based on their overall value. Based on the last three years and current projections, players are assigned an overall tier score, from one to ten. This determines their place within the ranking, and their tier. To make the distinctions in value even more clear, each coloured tier is shaded depending on where the player sits in that tier.


These tiers are useful for evaluating trades as well. As an example, if two players are within the same overall tier, then their values are similar enough that a trade can be beneficial to both parties if they are looking to upgrade in certain categories.


I hope you find value in this alternative ranking system. 


Thank you and good luck,


Austin Wallace

Scout and Writer for Dobber Sports

Hockey Management Intern for UBC Thunderbirds 

Twitter: @austeane


Download November's Top 100 Roto Here.





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