Saturday’s NHL Game Picks – December 9

by Adam Mark on December 9, 2017

I had a pretty decent week going 10-4, combined with a solid fantasy week where I have closed the gap in my salary keeper league to 6 points (it was over 30+ at one point). Things are finally starting to settle in, and it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (sorry, but I had to). Like most Saturdays, I'm primarily sticking with the home teams here, but I have an uneasy feeling about the Carolina / Los Angeles game. While the ‘Canes suffered a tough loss to San Jose on Thursday, there's still something there I'm not feeling great about in picking the Kings, so be wary. To add to that, while Carey Price at home, on Hockey Night in Canada is about as guaranteed a bet as you can get, the loss to Calgary on Thursday has me doubting, ever so slightly. I was asked in one of my leagues to include an "upset of the night" pick, but even though I may be a bit shook on those two picks, if I were solely betting those games, I'd still be putting money on the home teams.


A few thoughts:

·         I had Nashville pegged for the win on Friday, and was about the mark down the W, when Erik Haula tied it late in the third. I had hopes that I'd still come out on top, until the game went to a SO. I was surprised to find that the Golden Knights have yet to lose a shootout. Well done.

·         Hopefully some of you were able to capitalize on the Nicklas Backstrom worry warts earlier. His five points in his last two games since being reunited with Alexander Ovechkin has surely closed any buy-low windows.

·         With Bo Horvat missing some time, I'm keeping a very close eye on the lines against Vancouver in the coming weeks. 

·         Lastly, has anyone been able to get decent trade value for Anders Lee? Shopping him, I can't be the only one feeling how under appreciated he is. 


Personal Record: 70-58 (55%)

Dobber Record: 31-23 (57%)


St. Louis @ Detroit (1:00 PM EST)

Pick: St. Louis – Visitor Team Victory - V

Confidence Level: 4/5


Edmonton @ Montreal (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Montreal – Home Team Victory - H

Confidence Level: 5/5


Winnipeg @ Tampa Bay (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Tampa Bay – Home Team Victory - V

Confidence Level: 4.5/5


Arizona @ Columbus (7:00 PM EST)

Pick: Columbus – Home Team Victory - H

Confidence Level: 5/5


Ottawa @ San Jose (10:00 PM EST)

Pick: San Jose – Home Team Victory - V

Confidence Level: 4/5


Carolina @ Los Angeles (10:30 EST)

Pick: Lost Angeles – Home Team Victory - V

Confidence Level: 3/5


  • mikemclaren

    Probably should have listened to the guy suggesting an upset-of-the week. He sounds pretty astute.

    • Adam Mark

      Hahaha, and here I was thinking the uneasiness last night was from the pizza I had. Guess we’ll see if the Canes follow suit.

  • fmedleg13

    Have tried shopping Lee to a contender who’s trying to offload one-of-too-many goalies on his roster and to a really bad team trying to retool. Nothing yet.

    I’m feeling the name doesn’t hold enough prestige yet to be the “biggest” piece in a trade.

    • Adam Mark

      Yeah, it’s looking like I’m just going to have to ride him all season and see if I can get any value at the end of the year. Good luck!