And the 2015-16 Winner is…

by Dobber on April 14, 2016


The results of the 2015-16 DobberHockey 10th Anniversary Regular Season Pool are in, and $500 goes to…


For the 10th anniversary (last year) of the site, I wanted something big. So I reached out to some great partners that I've had over the years and did they ever step up! Let's not get into how I personally performed in this league (ahem – 857th). Instead, we'll focus on the winners. Well, in keeping with the DobberHockey spirit, there was actually just one winner and 1200 losers. But we do have prizes for the highest-ranked 'losers' too!


First Prize

First, the winner. Dodospice with 2075 points! Trevor wins $500 courtesy of Draft Kings! That's $250 credited to his Draft Kings account, as well as $250 in cold hard cash. Use the $250 credit to play some Draft Kings contests and with your proven talent – you stand a good chance of turning it into something bigger.

How to claim your prize – contact me via the contact link below ('Contact Us', found in the footer) or email me directly at dobber(at) dobberhockeycom



Second Prize

Belle Vegas Bruisers – 2069 points!

Bernie Nicholls autographed hockey stick from ASM – The All-Sports Market app is perfect for the fantasy-sports-slash-stock-market enthusiast! The "NASDAQ of Sports" allows you to trade sports team shares like stocks…and earn dividends when your team wins. Go here now to see a demo and some screen shots, as well as the links to download to your phone. – The NASDAQ of Sports.  Come get in line for the launching of the World’s First Sports Stock Market (Performance Based) where every time your team wins, you receive a dividend payment. This isn’t FANTASY….this is REALITY. Check out their App to test your skills for free before the launch of the real money market. This stick has been sitting in my office all season long waiting for a home. And now it has one. The fine home of Belle Vegas Bruisers.

Contact me via the Contact link at the bottom of the site, or email me directly dobber (at)



Third, Fourth and Fifth Prizes

Inconsistent – 2062 points! Sure wasn't inconsistent this year!

Soft Dump in the Corner – 2057 points! My winner for funniest name, though the prize is won for performance not the name!

BlueCrush – 2049 points! Crushed it!

Free customized jersey from Cool Hockey. There are three of these available and if you finished third, fourth or fifth you're still getting a pretty kickass prize. Customize your hockey jersey with any size, any current NHL team and any player! And in the meantime, if you're in the market for a jersey (Christmas is coming! Hint hint), show some support to our sponsors by clicking this link and checking out their pricing. Follow for the latest deals – Twitter: @CoolHockey1; Instagram: @Coolhockey1; Facebook/ reddit/ Pinterest:

Contact me via the Contact link at the bottom of the site, or email me directly dobber (at)



Prizes for sixth through 10th

Draft Kings is back at it again with their generosity, giving away another $250. For finishing between sixth and 10th, each of the following players will receive $50 in credit into their Draft Kings account:

BlueIce – 2044 points!

Vince's Team – 2041 points!

King of the Kessel – 2040 points! (another clever handle)

DOMinating – 2039 points!

Rockbottom Jets – 2038 points! (they didn't quite hit rock bottom, but close!)


Contact me via the Contact link at the bottom of the site, or email me directly dobber (at)



Prizes for 11th through 15th

Many would argue that this should actually have been the first prize. After all, it's the DobberHockey Ultimate Fantasy Pack! Each of you gets set up with a 2015-16 UFP. As you know, this package includes the annual preseason Draft List and Fantasy Guide, the Fantasy Prospects Report (released June 1st), the Midseason Fantasy Guide and the Interactive Playoff Draft List (next year's not this year's).

Creases – 2037 points!

Seven Iron In The Pond – 2036 points!

Xavier PowerHouse – 2031 points!

Burgundy – 2029 points!

Morris Rangers – 2021 points!

Contact me via the Contact link at the bottom of the site, or email me directly dobber (at)



Prizes 16th through 20th

Free 2016 Fantasy Hockey Geek Draft Kit. The be all, end all of tools for anyone in fantasy leagues with multiple categories. I've used it four times now – first place three of them, and just missed first by six points the fourth time. Any kind of complications at all with your league in regards to weird roster setups or a mix and match of categories – the FHG Draft Kit makes sense of it for you.

aiyp05 – 2020 points!

tml4everpz – 2019 points!

Who Knows – 2018 points!

Dark Knights – 2015 points!

Team 99 – 2013 points!

Contact me via the Contact link at the bottom of the site, or email me directly dobber (at)


How the DobberHockey writers did….

Dobber – 857th, 1757 points

Chris Pudsey (Capped) – 22nd, 2010 points

Ian Gooding – 67th, 1966 points

Eric Daoust (Eastern Edge) – 195th, 1913 points

Mike McMillan (Top 100 Roto) – 377th, 1866 points

Cam Robinson (Frozen Pool Forensics) – 506th, 1834 points

Steve Laidlaw – 532nd, 1830 points

Ajay DaCosta (IR Report) – 568th, 1821 points

Mike Schmidt (Looking Ahead) – 838th, 1762 points

Demetri Fragopoulos (Contrarian) – 856th, 1757 points

Terry Campkin (Geek) – 937th, 1733 points


A huge thank you to OfficePools for hosting the pool this year. If you need a site to track your league this year, please consider our good friends at OP.