Free NHL Playoff Contests – and Free Box Pools 2019

by Dobber on April 8, 2019
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  • Free NHL Playoff Contests – and Free Box Pools 2019

Here are the details of this year’s free DobberHockey contests, games – and Dobber’s annual printable box pool setup for you and your friends.


First, an announcement. My 13th annual Interactive Playoff Draft List is now available for download. I’ll be updating it five or six times before the playoffs start, keeping the player notes – and there are lots of notes – current. You can run multiple scenarios and sort in multiple ways. I generally run two scenarios and head into the draft with both. Then I run with whichever list I get a jump on the top players early and by the third round I discard the other list. Besides running your own scenario, I also include my own picks. You can pick up the (winning) Draft List – here!


As I do every year, I have three free contests for you…


Contest 1 – Dobbernomics

The playoff contest is now ready for registration! Until the playoffs start, you have unlimited transactions so you can fill your roster under the $50M salary cap and change it a hundred times over the next few days if you wish. Once the playoffs start, you get 5 transactions per week (they can carry over, you don’t have to use them). The idea is to get your team the most points in the playoffs… but also get the highest value. You see, players are assigned a value and that value rises or falls based on overall ownership. This takes “buy low” and “sell high” to another level! My regular season team, for example, started off with a total value of $50M. Today its value is $63.44M. (Login using your DobberHockey login and create your team here!)




Points as follows:


Goals     2.5

Assists  2.5

+/-          1.0

Penalty Minutes 0.3

Shots on Goal    0.2

Hits        0.2

Blocks   0.2

Power-play Goals 1.0

Shorthanded Goals 2.0

Overtime Goals                0.5



Win        5.0

Losses   0.0

Overtime Losses 2.5

Goals Against     -1.5

Saves    0.2

Goals     2.5

Assists  2.5

Penalty Minutes 0.3


Here is a sample team:




Prizes – the winner in points plus the winner in total team value will receive a 2019 Ultimate Fantasy Pack. That’s all my guides and lists for an entire year. I’ll even throw in a Fantasy Hockey Geek full kit. So yeah, every fantasy hockey tool you could possibly need. Win this, and you’ll pretty much begin a cycle of winning that you can’t escape from. (Login using your DobberHockey login and create your team here!)


Contest 2 – NHL’s Bracket Challenge

You know how it works. You know where to find it. You know what to do. DobberHockey readers and writers win leagues so often that we have a reputation for it. Now it’s just expected of us. Add your team in my league – DobberHockey League of Winners – and let’s see if, as a group, we can dominate the overall standings. I want to see members of this league peppering the leaderboard!


Sign Up Here Now!



Contest 3 – Uh, Create Your Own?

Every year when I finish analyzing and putting together my Playoff Draft List (again – buy it here), I sort and move around similar players until I have 28 boxes. Six players per box. Printable on one page. So this is simple. You are at work or with your friends. You want to do a hockey pool but everyone around you are just casual fans. Solution? Box pool. Throw in ten bucks each or whatever. Print off my free page. Everyone ticks off a box and puts their name on it – hands it in. Tally the points at the end of the postseason and you have your winner. I did all the work for you.


Download the free box pool sheet here: PlayoffBoxes2019-TwoOptions