June 22, 2007

by Dobber Sports on June 22, 2007

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Matt Bugg is in Columbus. Check out Bugg's Blog in our forum for up to the minute updates on all the latest rumblings out of Ohio…


The Sharks have re-signed Craig Rivet to a four-year, $14 million deal. 


The Sens have re-signed Dean McAmmond. It is a multi-year contract. He is not a fantasy factor, unless your league is extremely deep.


The Avs have re-signed Tyler Arnason for two seasons. I thought they would let him go, but they really like him so he's sticking around. 


The Pittsburgh Penguins have re-signed both Mark Recchi and Gary Roberts. Both are one-year deals in the $2 to $2.5 million range. 


Andrei Zyuzin is the player going to Chicago for Adrian Aucoin. 


Brett Hedican will reportedly return to Carolina for another season. His hip will be okay (apparently). 


The Preds are reportedly interested in moving Tomas Vokoun.


New York columnist Larry Brooks is reporting that the Coyotes will be trading Nick Boynton. Any trade discussion with them must include Boynton. 


Rather than going back into the draft, AJ Thelan will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.Thelan is ranked 236 on my prospects list. He is several years away from NHL duty and has 65 point upside. 


Finally! A team is actually interested in Alexei Yashin, whose price tag will be around $2.5 million per season. That team is the Minnesota Wild. Teams can negotiate with Yashin right now, they don't need to wait until July 1. 


The Canucks may acquire the No.2 pick from Philly and draft BC native Kyle Turris. A move like that would not shock me. 


Buffalo is now reportedly focusing on keeping Briere and letting Drury go. 


The Flyers have started something. Now the Oilers are trying to get 'exclusive negotiating rights" for Gomez…Philly is also interested in the New Jersey pivot. 


I don't understand this one. I had this guy as a sleeper. I even made him one in this summer's Forecaster! He was lock to make the 'Hawks. Martin St.Pierre has signed a deal to play Khimik of the RSL. I'll try to find out why. 


TSN is reporting that Adrian Aucoin will waive his no-trade clause to go to Calgary. Keenan really likes him, but Keenan likes the 24-year-old, uninjured version of him. By November, when he gets to meet the 33-year-old groin-problem version, he may not like him so much. 


The Leafs locked up Carlo Coliaicovo for three years. Their defense corps is slowly being locked up long-term. Coliaicovo is a bandaid boy, certified. It is virtually a guarantee that he will not reach the 60-game mark.


Rumors are heating up about a Manny Fernandez trade. Phoenix and Boston are the teams that are most interested.


The Habs are so desperate to land Angelo Esposito that they are willing to part with both their first rounders to move up in the draft and get him.


Currently, five teams have multiple picks in the first round: Florida, St.Louis, Montreal, Washington have two each, while Edmonton has three. Some of these picks will be moved today, guaranteed.


Stefan Liv has signed a contract to play in Sweden. He would have been stuck in Grand Rapids this year anyway.


The Blackhawks have signed Adam Munro.


Justin Papineau has signed to play in the Swiss League next season.