June 25, 2007

by Dobber Sports on June 25, 2007

Matt Bugg has some notes posted about his stay in Columbus for the draft – makes for a great read, with some interesting information. You can check it out HERE .


In Leaf-mad Torontoville, there is a crazy amount of chatter over how the Leafs could have had Cherepanov or Esposito with their 13th pick instead of doing the trade they did. What a bunch of garbage. I'm the first guy on their backs for having no direction and blowing their future…but they really did need a goaltender and Mark Bell can be a serviceable second-liner. Toskala has been every bit as good as Nabokov. Anyway, that's not my point, I'm getting off track here. My point is, that should not be what the fans are focusing on. They should focus on how the Leafs could have drafted Luca Cunti 74th and they could have had Vladimir Ruzicka with their next pick. Instead, they went in another direction and I think those two guys could be dark horse offensive stars. Those are the two that they missed. Cherepanov – you can never plan for that sort of thing. Sure, he would have been better, but do you not do the deal and hope that Cherepanov falls to 13th? Hell no. Why would you think he would fall to 13th? 


Deal Lombardi is sniffing around for a third goaltender. If he gets one, he will keep Dan Cloutier and Jason Labarbara up and all three goalies will fight for the No.1 spot. He is not willing to pay just any price, so how it looks like it will play out is the Kings will just work with the goalies that they currently have.


Brian Burke has been shopping Bryzgalov around and says that teams have been inquiring but the offers have been a joke. He quips "(do they) think they're shopping at Zeller's?" Thought I'd throw some Canadiana in there. Note to Americans – Zellers is Wal-Mart's competition up here (FYI, they're getting their ass kicked). My thanks to Lisa Dillman for that.


The buzz in the hockey world is still how the San Jose Sharks are planning a huge offer for Chris Drury. I'm starting to think that he will go there.


Michal Nylander is looking for four years at $20 million. Given that he will be 38 at the end of that, teams would have to be stupid to offer it. Expect a stupid team to offer it.


Jim Rutherford is adamant that Erik Cole is not in any trade talks. I believe him, because Kevin Lowe said that if Erik Cole's name was mentioned he'd definitely be picking up the phone.


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