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NHL Player News - Page: 11


PlayerTypeDescriptionDate Posted
HILLER, JONASSTREAKHiller makes 30 straight starts for the Ducks2012-03-16 09:29:31
KOVALCHUK, ILYASTREAKKovalchuk becomes only the 4th player to accrue 10 shootout goals in a season2012-03-16 09:28:19
BRYZGALOV, ILJASTREAKBryzgalov sets the Flyers shutout streak mark at over 249 minutes without letting in a goal 2012-03-16 09:20:16
BRYZGALOV, ILJASTREAKPosts third straight shutout2012-03-13 21:41:54
PACIORETTY, MAXSTREAKPacioretty extended his point-scoring streak to six games with an assist on Monday night2012-03-13 09:35:28
GLENCROSS, CURTISSTREAKGlencross has a seven-game goal-streak. That is the NHL record this season2012-03-13 09:22:00
STAAL, ERICSTREAKHeld Pointless for 3rd game2012-03-12 05:58:48
GLENCROSS, CURTISSTREAKGlencross on a 6 game goal scoring streak.2012-03-10 07:23:05
WHEELER, BLAKESTREAKWheeler has goals in 5 of last 6 games.2012-03-10 07:21:59
KANE, EVANDERSTREAKKane has points in 10 of his last 11 games, 16 points in total.2012-03-10 07:20:27
IGINLA, JAROMESTREAKIginla has 9 points on a 5 game point streak.2012-03-10 07:19:03
TANGUAY, ALEXSTREAKTanguay on a 5 game point streak and has points in 7 of his last 8, 13 points in total. 2012-03-10 07:17:32
BROWN, DUSTINSTREAKBrown on 7 game point streak.2012-03-10 07:12:24
KOPITAR, ANZESTREAKKopitar on a 6 game point streak.2012-03-10 07:11:22
FLEURY, MARC-ANDRESTREAKFleury has won 6 straight starts.2012-03-10 07:06:04
STAAL, JORDANSTREAKStaal on a 7 game point streak and has points in 11 of his last 13, 16 points in total.2012-03-10 07:04:24
SULLIVAN, STEVESTREAKSullivan has points in 9 of his last 10 games, 13 points in all.2012-03-10 07:01:30
HALAK, JAROSLAVSTREAKHalak wins seventh straight, leads surging Blues to top of standings2012-03-09 08:16:09
CARON, JORDANSTREAKFive points in his last two games2012-03-07 08:38:06
STAAL, ERICSTREAKStaals current 12 game point scoring streak is a franchise record2012-03-07 05:58:18