Advanced Metrics: How to Read the Charts



As an extension of our earlier article 'Analytics – What to Use for Fantasy Hockey and Why', we go over a couple of important analytics charts that are provided in our Frozen Tools section.

First, we'll pull the summary "Advanced Stats" report for 2021-22. A team was selected at random, in this case – Detroit.

NameGPZS%PDO5on5 SV%5on5 S%CF%%PPIPPES IPPPP IPPPTS/60Sec AsstSec Asst %
DYLAN LARKIN7151.19950.8969.949.360.271.178.95231231.6
JAKUB VRANA2653.59860.8988.846.751.790.592.985.72.9116.7
TYLER BERTUZZI6851.210100.90910.148.860.966.771.951.92.81443.8
LUCAS RAYMOND82529850.9028.34959.865.570.762.12.31955.9
ROBBY FABBRI5650.99910.9147.747.357.558.866.744.41.9323.1
OSKAR SUNDQVIST1839.310460.9261241.730.452.456.401.700
SAM GAGNER81429950.9118.446.213.866.77033.31.6423.5
MORITZ SEIDER8245.110060.9198.74761.8453665.61.62353.5
PIUS SUTER8252.19990.927.946.728.665.567.3751.6733.3
TARO HIROSE1539.39910.893