Ramblings: Colorado’s centres; Montreal advances; Suzuki and Caufield – June 8

Michael Clifford


I wanted to talk about the Colorado Avalanche a bit, because their recent stretch of three games is one we have not seen from them in recent memory and certainly no time in the 2021 regular season. They have been getting absolutely ran out of the building almost every night and despite blowing the doors off in Game 1, Colorado should consider themselves lucky to have a 2-2 series with home-ice advantage.

We can talk about all the reasons this is happening, and there are some good ones. In fact, Jesse Granger over at The Athletic talked about the Vegas forecheck just yesterday and how it's forcing Colorado's hand at times. It is a good piece and Vegas certainly has had great defensive gameplans this series.

What I want to talk about instead is Tyson Jost.

It wasn't that long ago – less than a month ago – that I was discussing how Jost had turned himself into a responsible middle-six forward:

I stand by that. I do think Jost is a responsible middle-six forward. This Vegas series showed, however, that his middle-six role is not second-line centre for a Cup contender. At least, not yet.

Jost and Nichushkin have been the duo on the second line at even strength this postseason, post-Kadri suspension. These are their numbers together at 5