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Tom Collins, born and raised in a small town in Labrador, has been in hockey pools for about 15 years, and actually managed to win his keeper pool for the first time ever this past year. With a background in journalism and now living in Ottawa, he has been working hard to make sure his twin daughters cheer for the Canadiens instead of the Senators, a fight he is winning so far.

Top 10 Trade Targets

The NHL trade deadline is in a week, and with it comes the trade deadline for many fantasy leagues. I’ve always been a big believer that if you have a chance to win the title, you go for it. With many leagues having slim pickings on the waiver wire, making a significant trade could be [...]

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Top 10 Players With a Good Opportunity

  One thing that I try to stress in many of these lists is that for most players, it all comes down to opportunity. Whether it’s players with the potential to hit 70 points for the first time, waiver-wire pickups, bounce-back candidates, rookies that can surprise or whatever, players need that opportunity to be successful. [...]

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Top 10 Fantasy Hockey Rookies (So Far)

With all due respect to Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes, it doesn’t feel as if this season’s batch of rookies is doing all that great. Maybe we’ve been spoiled the last few years, but there’s no Mathew Barzal with 85 points, or Auston Matthews with 40 goals, or Elias Pettersson at almost a point-per-game pace. [...]

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Top 10 Older Players to Own

  I’ve always been a big believer that you can have more success in some keeper pools if you forgo the youth movement and instead focus on the older players. After all, while other fantasy general managers will overpay for rookies and anyone under the age of 25, you can pick up guys in their [...]

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Top 10 Grit Producers

  While many of us enjoy points-only fantasy hockey leagues, the real challenge is in multi-cat leagues, especially when looking at statistics such as PIM, blocked shots and hits. That’s because oftentimes, the players that are best in these categories aren’t the point-producing superstars. Sure, it’s easy to know that Nikita Kucherov is going to [...]

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Top 10 PP TOI Surprises of the Past Month

  Even if your league doesn’t count power-play points, you should still be looking at that stat and trying to find players who are getting time with the man advantage. After all, and this may sound obvious, but these players are in a better position to succeed and pick up points. Below are 10 players [...]

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Top 10 Waiver Wire Pickups – January 2020

We’re at the halfway point of the season, and by now, you’ve probably had to deal with some sore points on your roster. Thanks to injuries or a tough season, you’ve had players that are struggling and you’re fed up with waiting for them to finally come through. So, you’ve been scouring the waiver wire [...]

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Top 10 Fantasy Seasons of the Decade

In yet another way that fantasy mimics the NHL, while you may need great depth to win a fantasy championship, but it’s almost impossible to win one without an elite player on your squad. Every once in awhile, you have a player on your squad that puts up a season that makes every other general [...]

Top 10 Overrated Players of the Decade in Fantasy Hockey

  As a special gift for Dobber readers, later this week, this web site will be running a feature on the top fantasy players of the decade. Contributors to the site will be looking at the top 10 wingers, centers, defensemen, goalies, multi-cat beasts and overall fantasy players of the decade. My contribution to the [...]