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Capped: Looking at potential compliance buyouts

There was an interesting article yesterday on Sportsnet that talked about some compliance buyout possibilities should that be a part of the trickle-down effect from the Covid19 impact on the current NHL season that bleeds into next year. It got me thinking about not only who I would imagine to be the top candidates to [...]

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Capped: How to prepare for the future in cap leagues

Well, a lot has happened in the last week with regards to the world coming to a halt in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus. I know this isn’t where you come to get updates on the state of things, or my opinion on how things should be handled. All I’ll ask is [...]

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Capped: Valuing goalies in cap leagues

  I know I have tried to do a lot recently on ranking players in salary cap leagues, in addition to sorting out salary predictions that I could use as another evaluation tool in the rankings. However, as a few people have pointed out to me recently, there are no goalie rankings anywhere for salary [...]

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Capped: How to approach cap league drafts

With the trade deadline behind us, and not much left to be done in most cap leagues other than sit back, watch, and cheer for our players, some managers are already prepping for next season. With that, I have had some readers asking me about fresh drafts that they are planning on completing over the [...]

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Capped: Assessing post-deadline contract extensions

Along with a very entertaining trade deadline day came a handful of contract extensions. Some were players re-upping with their current teams, while others were players signing with a new team mere minutes after being traded there. These players are setting the market for July 1st, and give us a little extra time to plan [...]

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Capped: Prediction model for free agents

This week’s Capped column is going to be a slightly different format. Down below will be a list on all of my model predictions for the projected cap hits of the 2020 free agent crop. In 2017, I started trying to model salaries, to some moderate level of success, but by 2018 it had grown [...]

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Capped: Forwards to know ahead of the trade deadline

  Everyone looks at forwards as the main part of fantasy hockey, and it’s hard not to when we track scoring the most, and forwards do most of the scoring. As a result, the top end forwards are always the first guys off the draft board, and it can be harder to plan a strategy [...]

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Capped: Defencemen to look into ahead of the trade deadline

  Defencemen are a very interesting part of fantasy hockey, as some leagues know that they should be valuable, and have made them so, some leagues still undervalue how much they can do for you, while others have created a setup that make defencemen very hard to wring any value from. As a result, they [...]

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Capped: Goalies to know heading into the Trade Deadline

  With the trade deadline coming up in under a month, now is the time to be bearing down and sorting out where your roster needs help. Especially this season, for a lot of us that spot is in net. Whether the season started with Braden Holtby, Matt Murray, Sergei Bobrovsky, or another struggling starter [...]

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Capped: All-Star cap league team

  With no relevant games on in the next few days, the All-Star game is all we really have to talk about, but since everyone gets quickly bored with the festivities, let’s look at some all-stars of our own. The first All-Star team for cap leagues:   **** David Pastrnak (RW) – Boston Bruins Cap [...]

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