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Capped: Forwards to know ahead of the trade deadline

  Everyone looks at forwards as the main part of fantasy hockey, and it’s hard not to when we track scoring the most, and forwards do most of the scoring. As a result, the top end forwards are always the first guys off the draft board, and it can be harder to plan a strategy [...]

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Capped: Defencemen to look into ahead of the trade deadline

  Defencemen are a very interesting part of fantasy hockey, as some leagues know that they should be valuable, and have made them so, some leagues still undervalue how much they can do for you, while others have created a setup that make defencemen very hard to wring any value from. As a result, they [...]

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Capped: Goalies to know heading into the Trade Deadline

  With the trade deadline coming up in under a month, now is the time to be bearing down and sorting out where your roster needs help. Especially this season, for a lot of us that spot is in net. Whether the season started with Braden Holtby, Matt Murray, Sergei Bobrovsky, or another struggling starter [...]

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Capped: All-Star cap league team

  With no relevant games on in the next few days, the All-Star game is all we really have to talk about, but since everyone gets quickly bored with the festivities, let’s look at some all-stars of our own. The first All-Star team for cap leagues:   **** David Pastrnak (RW) – Boston Bruins Cap [...]

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Capped: Unpredictable contract negotiations

  In looking more at my player salary projections, there are a lot of players that the numbers make sense for, at least when I think about why they come out as they do. In some cases, the numbers force me to re-evaluate my pre-conceived notions on a player or situation, which is one of [...]

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Capped: New Year fantasy hockey resolutions

  It’s a new year and I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, but I am back to work as of today, and also thankful to have hockey back, both with the NHL in full swing, and the World Juniors into the medal rounds, there are lots of excellent games to choose between. For those of [...]

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Capped: Boxing Day shopping in the West

  Since we were interrupted by the trade of Taylor Hall, let’s conveniently cover him for our first West team, and then get to the other 14 teams in the NHL that we didn’t get a chance to discuss two weeks ago. Here’s a 2000-word edition to peruse over your Boxing-Day Bailey’s.   **** Arizona [...]

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Capped: Lessons from the Taylor Hall trade

  Taylor Hall would have been the main attraction to the 2020 NHL trade deadline, but his trade came two months early when news broke on Monday that he had been traded to Arizona for two picks and three prospects (with Blake Speers’ contract going with Hall to Arizona). It is still possible that Hall [...]

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Capped: Christmas wish list for different teams

  This week we’re going to look into which contracts may be on the move in the new year, and what that could mean for various teams. Let’s jump right in.   **** Boston Bruins With the Bruins rolling along as usual, there isn’t a great urgency for them to make many roster moves. Add [...]

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