The Top 10 fighters with fantasy hockey value

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#5 Dana Murzyn 2014-07-22 12:01
H ow about Downie and kassian. Gudbranson, and. konopka , at least last year, get categorized with Scott as far as I'm concerned.
#4 number54 2014-07-22 07:29
@DickMarks I partly agree with you, in the sense that none of these guys are fantasy roster regulars. However, this isn't a list of the best fantasy players who fight, it's a list of the best fighters who have some fantasy relevance.

Also, I have picked up a few of the guys on this list in multicat pools when I was facing someone who would otherwise clean up the PIM cat.

@newfcollins I'm also thinkin' Rockford product Jeremy Morin is going to be on this list come October on Madison Ave...
#3 newfcollins 2014-07-21 20:44
@pmorrow: Good call on Clarkson. I forgot about him. I would put him ahead of Maroon if he can get those points.

@DickMarks: The problem with those guys is they don't fight. Backes has fought twice total in the past two years. Hartnell just four times in two seasons. Phaneuf three times in two years. If it's Matt Kassian you're talking about, he fights, but doesn't play enough games or contribute anything else. Zack Kassian had just three fights this year, so I didn't include him. Gudas fought four times.

Those guys simply aren't fighters. Most of the guys on the list fight at least 10 times, or average at least five fights a year over a period of so many years. None of the guys you mentioned do that.
#2 DickMarks 2014-07-21 15:21
Poor list. Most of these guys have extremely marginal value in all but the deepest leagues. Maroon? Konopka? Reaves? Pretty much one or two category guys who made your list while you omitted Backes, Phaneuf, Kassian, Gudas, Hartnell, and others who are clearly better all around fantasy options who also fight.
+1 #1 pmorrow136 2014-07-21 12:28
I would add David Clarkson to this list. He's a big hit guy and he should be able to get back to 30 points, or at worst put up 20.

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