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Interested in expanding your sports writing portfolio? Look no further. The Dobber Sports Network welcomes up-and-comers who are passionate about their work and driven to succeed. Get your foot in the door and join the extended editorial staff today.

Dobber Sports is looking to expand its staff with positions open for the postings below. Please note that these are all entry level positions designed to bring experience and exposure, as well as fulfill a sports’ fanatic’s dream of having his/her opinions out there for all to see. While some of these positions are paid work, not all positions are.

However the best of the best certainly use this experience and the exposure to thousands of readers to take another step forward in their career. We have had paid and unpaid freelancers and management join the likes of The Score, Sportsnet, WHL Scouting, International Scouting Services, the Carolina Hurricanes and many other multi-national companies after their time with Dobber Sports.

Most of our paid manager, editor, associate editor, marketing, customer service and senior scouting staff began with Dobber Sports in an unpaid voluntary position.

The following positions are currently open:

June 03, 2022 – Reporter/Scout (DobberProspects)

We are accepting applications to join the DobberProspects team. This is an entry-level position that will be probationary to begin. The position involves the following:

  • Cover all the prospects of an NHL team
  • Keep those prospect profiles updated. Any signing, injury, speculation or event happens, submit your observations. The number one reader complaint is regarding prospects that are either missing or not updated. We count on the successful applicant to be self-motivated and keep each prospect updated within the past six months.
  • This includes evaluation on the player’s upside and certainty rating.
  • Reporter/Scouts with updated pages get invited to join the staff in contributing (paid) to the annual Fantasy Prospects Report.
  • Other write-ups as needed (including features and DobberProspects Ramblings)

The most reliable and dedicated reporter/scouts get moved up to paid positions as they become available. All of the managing editors and associate editors for DobberProspects got their start this way. They began on a probationary basis, demonstrated reliability, enthusiasm and skill, and quickly moved up.

We currently have openings for the following team prospect systems:

Boston Bruins

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