Guzzwell take a look at three sleeper picks from the Western Conference


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#1 DarthVain 2014-07-31 14:32
To be fair to Arcobello (and yes I picked him up off WW last year, at the wrong time of course), his "13 game slump" was a direct result of Sam Gagner coming back off injury, taking over his position, demoting Arcobello to both a lower line and like 10min less a game. When he went 10/10, he was playing 20min with talent, and 2/13 he was playing with grinders for 10min a game. Not really a fair chance before getting dumped into the minors. This was clearly a case of "Well we paid Sam the money, we better give him every chance to not make us look like idiots..."

In any case Arcobello chances of sleeperdom hinge on managements comfort with him to allow him a *real* chance, or if they acquire someone else.

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