Zherdev’s Inflated Sense of Self Worth

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La version Française du Guide des Poolers est maintenant mise à jour.


Fantasy Guide is updated as of today, complete with a list of training camp invites, etc.


Oilers beat writer Jim Matheson is speculating that if Rob Schremp fails to make the team and is put on waivers with the intent of sending him to the minors, the Islanders will claim him. There couldn’t possibly be a better situation for Schremp then on Long Island. His skill set requires John Tavares on his line, and then what we would have is a “Rob Brown” kind of situation. Brown, if you recall, was a 100-point player in the late 80s. Hell, he had 115 points and he played just 68 games. That’s a pure one-dimensional player playing with Mario Lemieux. Once he was off the Lemieux line, he couldn’t stick int the NHL for the life of him. From a 100+ point player to fringe NHLer, literally within two years. That’s the fence that Schremp is rocking back and forth over. A move to the Island could be very beneficial. I just don’t think he gets that shot on 29 other NHL teams.


Babchuk will be traded by the start of training camp. Jim Rutherford tells the newsobserver that several teams are interested.


Somebody mentioned yesterday that Zherdev said last week that the KHL is no longer an option and that he would likely sign in Atlanta. I don’t believe that the KHL is not an option, but I do believe that saying that, at this point, helps your chances of signing with a team who may be afraid you will bolt. Zherdev is playing the PR game and the KHL is still very much in play. Unless he takes his demands down to $3 million or lower (and that number is dropping as we get closer to camp), he won’t be signing with an NHL team. Atlanta is a good fit and that seems the most likely destination, but I would not draft accordingly just yet.

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Tough guy Scott Parker has announced his retirement.


Tomas Plihal has signed to play in Finland.


Jim Balsillie essentially upped his bid to $242 million, with at least $40 to go to the city of Glendale to break the lease. The full story is here.