Looking For the Cream of the Crop

Ryan Ma




With roughly 32 games left for each team in the remainder of this fantasy season, now is really the time that starts separating contending teams from the pretending teams. This week we'll take a look through the Western Conference to review what's been going since the calendar rolled over to 2010.


As always, before the good stuff, let's take a look at a few:


Maaasquito Buzzings…

Players in the last seven days with the highest production in each category who are less than 50% owned in Yahoo leagues.







Miettinen (4)

Belanger (3)

Goc (5)

O'Sullivan (3)

Vrbata (14)

Ott (3)

Malhotra (3)

Leach (4)

D. Miller (2)

Gagner (13)

Torres (3)

Umberger (3)

Jackman (4)

Miettinen (2)

Benn (13)

Vrbata (3)

Stralman (3)

McClement (4)

Brouwer (2)

Umberger (12)

Steen (3)

Hanzal (3)

Hanzal (4)

Sexton (2)

Stralman (12)