June 9, 2010

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The Thrashers agreed to a two-year deal with Jim Slater. He was set to become unrestricted, but probably realized the market for him was nonexistent. I used to be a big fan of Slater’s potential, but from a fantasy standpoint he has never taken a single step forward.


Another pending UFA, Chris Mason, has been having talks with the Blues. Further to my Blues article 10 days ago, any goaltender who plays for them is a “buy low” because they will surprise with their wins.


The Sabres Philip Gogulla has signed to play in Germany in the fall, his native country. He had an okay rookie-pro season in the AHL, but it was clear that he would need two more years there and he probably would prefer to spend one of them or both back in Germany. His upside is a second liner.


Vancouver prospect Eric Walsky has signed to play in the Swiss league next year. He had no chance at the NHL it was clear.


I know that there are some incredibly deep leagues out there, with team rosters 60 or 70 deep. Just to speak my piece on the matter – I have to ask why. Those last 20 players on your roster have 0% chance of making it to the NHL and if they do somehow fluke it, they’d get 25 points. That one in a million player who defies all odds and somehow gets in and does well – what’s wrong with drafting him when the picture becomes a little clearer? It sounds to me like there would be more skill in managing your roster. As in – cut it from 65 to 40. Try that, and see who the strongest manager is. I’m not seeing the skill in dropping nobody – or dropping that 29-year-old career European who is clearly not coming over. Anyone can just draft and draft and draft…and then when one of your hundred players flukes some NHL points, brag. But really, you’re just piling up assets and hoping for the best. The NHL has a limit of 50 contracts per team, and rules as to when a player must be signed by or cut loose – and some of those NHL teams have a good 10 of those contracts just to shore up their minor league team and have some “black aces”. They know the player will never be a full time NHLer. So really, the NHL has about 40 contracts they take seriously. And since fantasy hockey has no need of black aces, there is no need for such a huge roster. Those insanely deep leagues need to follow suit. There is such a thing as too big! Part of fantasy hockey is knowing who to cut and managing your roster accordingly. My two cents…


Buffalo prospect Zach Kassian will not have contract talks with the team because the Sabres suspended all talks until his legal issues are sorted out. He allegedly punched a man at a bar.  The team says they will work with him.

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