A Deep Analysis from HockeyPoolGeek

Jeff Angus




Welcome to Hockey Pool Geek's Deep Analysis.  Our goal is to dig deep into the team and league that is being analyzed in order to bring out some insight and push you into really getting the most out of your team and ultimately taking down the rest of the league.


Doing a Deep Analysis on a team owned by one of the hottest analysts in fantasy hockey is in the same breath exciting and daunting.  Jeff Angus, of Dobberhockey.com fame, knows his stuff… in fact, he deeply knows his stuff, so the odds of showing him something useful in managing his team aren't all that great, but on the other hand, having the opportunity to use the Hockey Pool Geek tools to aid a guy who will 'get it' right away and who isn't afraid to lay waste to marginal contributors and invest in promising contributors is one that we just can't pass up.


The changes in Jeff's league regarding scoring categories and farm eligibility (described below) are probably the reason he submitted his team for a Deep Analysis.  No doubt, he is curious to see if we spot something that he doesn't about his team, with this changed environment.  We don't know what he sees, but we think we have discovered some things he should take a look at.


Team Name: The Crosby Show 

League Name: Ultimate Fantasy Hockey Pool

GM: Jeff Angus

Evaluators: The Hockey Pool Geek Team

Date of Analysis: August 2010


League Structure:

Format: 12 teams, H2H league. No max GP, but limit of 40 adds/drops throughout season.

Rosters: Start 3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 6 D, 2 G, 6 BN, 4 IR slots. Max of 4 goalies allowed, minimum of 2.

Farm team of 6, increasing to 8 this summer, no positional requirements.


Farm eligibility used to be 100GP and under, and this summer it is changing to 200 GP and under for skaters, and 100GP and under for goalies.


Scoring categories: G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, GWG, SOG, FW, Hits, GP, W, L, SO, SV, GAA, SV% – Hits are being added this summer and points (previously a category) removed


Number of keepers: 17, all 8 farm positions

Keepers declared by: early September

Draft: Around Sept 20th

Season add/drop limit: (40)

Trade limit: min