August 16, 2010

Dobber Sports



The Fantasy Guide can be purchased here. It was last updated August 10 and should have another update by tomorrow.


Tampa has just traded Kari Ramo to the Habs for Cedrick Desjardins. An interesting move that I will research and blog about in tomorrow’s ramblings (which I’ll probably post in two or three hours).


This Bieksa debate (and I love debates on here, I wish we were all in a pub arguing over a pitcher of beer) had me finally get moving on my Band-Aid Boy list. It’s been a year, so it was definitely due. So here it is, fully updated. Have a look! And a reminder, you can access this list anytime by going through the “Other Features” on the left menu.


Ladies and gentlemen – if a player suffers two freak injuries close together, he is a Band-Aid Boy. The Band-Aid Boys find ways to suffer freak injuries. You can keep your Kevin Bieksa. I had this same argument with several of you a couple of years ago with Derek Brassard. And then that very season he got hurt again and I never heard a peep from you. Bieksa is a Certified Band-Aid Boy – lacerated leg (freak injury), broken foot, knee injury, ANOTHER lacerated leg…I don’t know what more proof you need. I’m sorry that you own him and can’t find a trade partner for him. But I won’t be recommending that anyone pick him up unless his price is cheap. One more injury and I’ll find a spot for Bieksa on my BAB executive committee! He is an extremely high risk to miss 10 games next season and that is the definition I go by for BAB’s.


Goldie here – Former Avs prospect Peter Delmas has been invited to Montreal’s training camp. I knew someone was going to give him another chance. His skills are underrated and he plays the perfect Quebec hybrid butterfly style that many fans in the area will absolutely love. Smart, low-risk move by the Habs.


Every time I talk Niemi (as below), I always seem to forget the Islanders. They remain an option, of course, as they have gone with three goalies in the past to cover themselves off for DiPietro’s question marks. With that in mind, I’m less resolute about the European option, but Niemi would have to slap a “reduced” sticker on his price tag. So yeah, that’s me having second thoughts after a good night’s sleep…


The biggest news in fantasy hockey is not news at all – everything is the same as it was yesterday. Sidney Crosby is still a Penguin, Anze Kopitar is still a King, Pavel Datsyuk is still a Red Wing.


Oh, and Tomas Kaberle is still a Leaf.


Kaberle’s game (and numbers) really went south after Dion Phaneuf arrived. I am worried for Kaberle owners. On a new team, he could be a 65-point defenseman. On the Leafs, with all the brouhaha going on around him (and make no mistake, this crap will continue as the media and fans wonder if he’ll waive his NTC), I wonder if even 45 points is in the bag. Ron Wilsoon will give loads of PP time to Phaneuf, even if Dion struggles. That cuts into Kaberle’s responsibilities.


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