Do You Now Need Twitter to Win Your Pool?

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Believe it or not, fantasy hockey is a bit like scuba diving.  The threat of sharks is vastly overrated, sometimes there's nothing you can do except hold your breath, and for the enthusiasts, both can provide moments of pause, like when first gazing over the far edge of a reef into the dark blue vastness of the open ocean.


I'm pretty comfortable with my fantasy resources. I visit them regularly and enjoy knowing where to go to get what I need.  But for some time now, I've been catching glimpses of something that exists just beyond my carefully constructed hockey neighbourhood.  It's obviously large.  And it's not like my other sources.  It's showing up everywhere, on webpages (this one included), in the middle of online chats, and it's mentioned in the mainstream media.


I'm talking about Twitter.


If you haven't already embraced Twitter, maybe it's time you look beyond your usual resources, because I'm wondering if we're soon going to need it to win our pools.


Have You Two Met?  Allow Me to Introduce Twitter…


Twitter launched publically in 2006, and now boasts over 200 million registered users.  It's estimated that 65 million 'tweets' (Twitter-speak for messages) are sent daily, and thousands have been published each second during noteworthy events.  If you're really not sure what I'm talking about, check out some Twitter basics here.


The social-networking site is perhaps best known for its celebrity users.  I've now discovered that none other than Britney Spears is Twitter's most popular tweeter.  She blesses her fans with such unforgettable tidbits as, "What’s uuupppp tweethearts? Spending the day in the studio recording. – Britney".  Fascinating.  But sadly, not very useful as far as preparing for our fast approaching draft nights.


Fortunately, the tweeting realm is populated by more than pop-stars and Hollywood celebs. Twitter has become almost indispensible in the sporting world.  Many sports media people and others have active Twitter accounts, from the big boys right down to the armchair fanatics who live next door. This season's Yearbook from The Hockey News even has an article about NHL players using Twitter.


When several personalities at Toronto sports radio station, The Fan 590 were recently let go by program director, Don Kollins, he explained his decisions by stating, "I can't move into the new millennium of blogs and twitter with guys who don't get it."


But to be honest, Twitter makes me a bit edgy. Like the empty, open ocean, it's alien to me and it seems like a whole new world to navigate. I'm not sure if I have the time to wade through a long list of potentially conflicting tweets in order to find out if my goalie is starting tonight or not (Don't tell anyone here, but my whole life isn't about fantasy hockey).


Yet, Twitter exists, people are using it, and it's even getting sports media people fired apparently.  How long can I ignore it for?


And the paranoid little voices in my head