Jiri Hudler Returns from the KHL

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After spending a year in the Kontinental Hockey League, Jiri Hudler is returning to the Detroit Red Wings' dressing room for the 2010-11 season. In the summer of 2009, Hudler took the Wings to salary arbitration and was awarded $5.75 million over two years, but the (now defunct) Moscow Dynamo organization dangled a $10 million offer over the same period and the 26-year-old Czech took the money and ran. But Hudler is now doubling back to the NHL…so what does this mean to you?


Hudler's Numbers


Hudler did some great things for the Red Wings prior to departing for Moscow.


In particular, he had a talent for efficiently racking up points despite his relatively limited ice-time and this year's Wings would certainly benefit from increased secondary scoring. Wings' head coach, Mike Babcock, has already stated that he expects 70 points from the small, but skilled winger in 2010-11.


Will there be any hard feelings over Hudler's Russian flirtation? Since announcing the winger's return, Red Wings' general manager, Ken Holland, remarked that the Czech is "a popular guy in the locker room, a bit of a clubhouse clown. His teammates like him.” Potting a Stanley Cup final game-winning goal for an organization probably goes a long way in the dressing room too.


Despite the snub on Rotowire's 2010's player rankings (ie. he doesn't appear…anywhere), Hudler's finest is yet to come and the Wings will be a better team for having him back.  Poetically, his last name even translates to 'dry kindling tossed upon smoldering logs'.  Eerie, huh?


Okay, I may have been kidding about his name, but here's a rundown of Hudler's recent scoring numbers.







2006-07 (Red Wings)




2007-08 (Red Wings)