September 21, 2010

Dobber Sports


Jason Arbuthnot here. Exhibition games are all ready and updating as we speak! Mark your calendars because as of this moment, Chris Neil is leading the NHL.You can check out how your prospects are being used in the line combo tool here (Senators example). I’m currently working on NEW tools for the opening of the regular season, so check back soon!


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Some cuts to pass along – only the notables:
Austin Watson (NSH)
Harrison Reed, Calvin Pickard (COL)


Nino Niederreiter has signed an ELC, along with Mr. Skinner. Nieds has a good shot at a roster spot and will almost certainly get the nine-game trial.


Tom Poti was brilliant – he took the small paycut and signed a two-year extension with the Caps. His agent did what anyone with a brain would do – he looked at the market. Now if only another 90% of them did that…


Correction on the cuts where I noted nobody of significance. Landon Ferraro was cut by Detroit, which is a known name, although not a surprise.


I notice that Mark Parrish is in Buffalo on a tryout. I’ll call him “the cat” from now on. For his nine lives. How many teams has he tried out on now in the last three years?


Casey Pierro-Zabotel suffered a broken finger and will miss the rest of Pittsburgh’s training camp. He was a long, long shot anyway for this year, but at least he could have made an impression for next year.


Brett Sterling had a great day in practice, scoring twice during scrimmage and both the Gazette and the team beatwriter came away impressed by his play of all the non-regulars.


Hilarious lawsuit on Mikael Grabovski. He (allegedly) punched a man and his wife in the face at the Olympics in a bar. Here is the “damage”: suffered a head injury, multiple facial fractures requiring reconstructive surgery, a back injury, trauma to his mouth, teeth and eyes, memory loss, a change in personality and ongoing headaches, among other things. Ummm yeah. This has to make you lose respect for lawyers and their greed and idiocy. What next, sue McDonalds for making their coffee too hot? Memory loss? Trauma to the mouth? Back injury? The Leafs should waive Orr and Brown, they have Grabovski to handle the enforcing.


The team cuts are starting, but I have yet to see known names. But they’ll get going with those soon.
Erik Ersberg left the ice with a hand injury yesterday. Bad time for that, what with Bernier breathing down his neck. In fact, an Ersberg injury should have Quick a little uncomfortable – the last thing he needs is Bernier on the bench. Future superstar.


It is expected that the Canes will announce th