Looking Ahead – Week 4

Dave Poleck




Once again, no teams play one game over any of the upcoming seven day schedules, but there are a few anomalies worth pointing out. In the weeks starting on Sunday and Tuesday, there are only two teams that play four games: Carolina and Vancouver in the Sunday-Saturday schedule and Detroit and Phoenix in the Tuesday-Monday schedule. In the week starting this Saturday, there are only three teams with a four game week: Carolina, NY Rangers and New Jersey.


On the flip side of things, you will notice some 'three game teams' sneaking into the Steer Clear section in the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and next Saturday schedules. So for instance, if you are in a Tuesday-Monday league, 24 of the 30 teams in the League play three  games that week.


Poor New Jersey. At the time of last week's article, they were 2-4-1 while scoring only two goals per game over that span. Now they sit at 2-7-1 and their goals per game has dropped to 1.8. They have only scored more than two goals in two of their ten games thus far in 2009-10. As I mentioned last week, they are now in the midst of a nasty road trip where they face Anaheim, LA, Vancouver and Chicago. The only thing I can say to make you feel better is that both of their wins thus far have come on the road, but even those games only saw them score four goals in total. Yikes.


The mighty Tampa Bay Lightning and their League leading offense set off on their first extended road trip of the season, making stops in Phoenix, Anaheim, LA and San Jose. Looking ahead even further, they actually play 9 of their next 11 on the road. It shouldn't be too much of a worry though; aside from a 6-0 loss in Florida in mid October, they have been able to keep their scoring consistent no matter where they are playing, averaging four goals per game at home and on the road when you exclude that whitewash.


On the lighter side of the schedule, both LA and Colorado only play four times in between Friday October 29 and Thursday, November 11. But in both cases, all four games are at home. Nashville, on the other hand, only plays five times over that span, with all five being away from home.

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With most teams finally approaching the 10 game mark, I plan to re-visit the individual team scores that help formulate the score you see above. Look for the updates to be included in next week's article. Another thanks to Jason Arbuthnot for making some helpful additions to the