December 24, 2010

Jeff Angus



Merry Christmas from DobberHockey! Have a wonderful and relaxing day. Some World Junior-related tidbits will be posted later on this evening.


You have to love hockey players – at the end of the game last night, Dorsett gave Ballard an ugly two-hander to the back of the legs. Ballard’s response?  “I stuck my stick in his stomach so we’re probably even”.

Marc-Andre Fleury’s biggest change this season – consistency. The upgraded blueline helps immensely, but he is bringing the same quality of play each and every game. I traded him in the summer becuase his inconsistencies were maddening – he’d have a great few games and then allow five or six.


Derek Roy’s injury is a serious one. It sounds like he’ll be up for up to six MONTHS with a torn tendon/muscle in his leg. He’s been Buffalo’s best player this season by far – horrible news for a team already struggling.


Some Puck Daddy fantasy advice from Brent Lemon and Dobber – right here.


Timing is a funny thing – I told a friend of mine to trade Sharp for Marleau yesterday. I wrote how Marleau was a great buy-low candidate. Last night: two goals, one assist, six shots on goal.


82 games is a long time – in general I tend to buy low and sell high whenever I can. Sometimes you get burned (moved Stamkos in the summer, as I expected a bit of a sophomore slump), but in the long run I think it’s a strategy that will make you a more successful poolie.


I feel a bit for Jay Bouwmeester (just a bit, he still makes almost $7 million). He gets bashed because he is “soft” or not as flashy/offensive as people were expecting/hoping. What he does is eat up a ton of extremely difficult minutes.


He is a rock defensively, a great skater, and good in all situations. He doesn’t have the hockey IQ to be an elite offensive producer, and he is overpaid. But he gets a bad rap because people still seem to hope/think that he will be something different.


Phoenix is a very, very different team without Zbynek Michalek.


Craig Anderson left the game last night – he has looked injured over the past few games… far from the elite level he was at last season. I wonder if he is forcing through it considering this is a contract year?


Mike Green scored a goal last night – last year, this wouldn't be noteworthy. He played close to 35 minutes (the game went to a shootout, but still a very impressive number).


Paul Martin had an assist last night, which was his first point in seven games.


Jiri Hudler played just under 14 minutes last night – the ice time isn't there (yet). He'll have to earn whatever minutes he can, even with Datsyuk out.


Vlad Sobotka has seven points in his past eight games.


Erik Karlsson played over eight minutes on the PP last night, and he led all Sens in ice time by over four minutes.


Shea Weber had seven shots on goal, but none of them made it past Brian Elliott.


Stamkos, St. Louis, and Lecavalier all had goals for the Bolts last night.


Mats Zuccarello Aasen had two shots on goal in almost 18 minutes of ice time in his NHL debut. He was pointless.


Derek Stepan has goals in three straight games.


Marc Savard dropped the mitts last night for the Bruins… probably not the smartest