15 Points to Consider – February 4th

Jeff Angus



Developing in a losing environment, Boston's embarrassment of riches, the next Jeff Skinner, and more!


1. Look for the Business of Fantasy Hockey series to return very soon. Mike Colligan and I are going to roll out some fresh content in the coming weeks and months. Check out Part I from last year (Value Investing) to get an idea of what the series is all about. We are open to suggestions – I read a lot of business/investment-related books, and the similarities between many of the topics I read about and fantasy hockey continue to pop up.


2. The point has been made on the site by myself before – don't underestimate the effects of player development in a winning or losing environment. Drafting is great, but if you can't develop talent, it doesn't matter how many high picks you have each year. The Red Wings brought players like Datsyuk and Zetterberg up in a winning environment. Anaheim did the same with Getzlaf and Perry. New Jersey did it with Zajac and Parise. Vancouver is doing the same with Cody Hodgson. Hall and Eberle are going to be elite scorers in this league, but I'd be slightly worried if I owned them in a keeper league. Long-term winning and losing both rub off on players.


3. What do the Canucks have in rookie defenseman Chris Tanev? His story is an interesting one. He was passed over by most junior teams because he was 5'3" after grade 11. He grew seven inches over his final year of high school and went on to star at R.I.T. (Rochester Institute of Technology) last year. Like most young defensemen, trying to peg his offensive upside right now is basically impossible. He is an incredibly smart player and he moves the puck with authority. The comparisons to a young Alex Edler aren't without merit.


Tanev now stands in at 6'2". His time in the NHL this season is probably coming to a close soon with the impending return of Andrew Alberts, Aaron Rome, and Sami Salo to Vancouver's defence. The Canucks owe the Tanev finding to Dave Gagner, who used to coach him when he played with Dave's son, Sam, back in Toronto.


Brad Ziemer of the Vancouver Sun wrote a solid piece on Tanev yesterday (link here). The most important quality I look for in young defensemen (fantasy and real life) is hockey sense. If you can think the game, the ice time will come. With ice time usually comes production. G