March 27, 2011

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I was impressed with Mark Mancari’s stint this last time. Buffalo just sent him back down after he got five points in 10 games. As a giant of a man – 6-3, 225 – Mancari stands a good chance of making the team in the fall. He’s 25, so it will be next year or never. But he reminds me of Troy Brouwer so I would expect similar production short and long-term.


So with Angus off to Phoenix, you’ll be stuck with me for nine of the next 10 days. Enjoy!


The big news out of yesterday is Marc Savard’s concussion and how he is dealing with memory problems. I would be shocked to see him play again. I’m not sure why they don’t mandate the Mark Messier helmets – it seems like they’re onto something. And also they need to step up on the head shots.


By the way, can someone tell me why the NHL didn’t suspend either Gaustad (for diving) or Weiss (for knocking him in the head) the other night? Something happened here from somebody. Clip at the bottom. As a Weiss owner, when I saw that highlight from my seat at the pub, I thought for sure I was losing him for some games. Thankfully no. But did anything come of this? I wasn’t around a lot on Saturday, so not sure if there was a hubbub or if it was just ignored.


A huge announcement is coming later today. There hasn’t been an announcement this big since Jay Arbuthnot’s Frozen Pool joined the site. You may want to skip the coffee today, as this awesomeness I am about to share will O.D. you on excitement.


The Penguins have played in four straight shootouts and won them all. That’s all fine and dandy for the likes of Pens fans and Dan Bylsma, but what about us poolies? Three games, two wins, two goals. How do you win three games with two official goals? Is this the Penguins or the Devils? Killing some fantasy squads.


Erik Condra has four points in five games for the Sens.


Ben Maxwell picked up his first two career NHL points Sunday for Atlanta. On this team, I think he has a future in the top six that he may not have had in Montreal. I like him to make this team next year and put up 30 points.


Braden Holtby was sent back down yesterday. I think the odds in 2012-13 (a season and a half from now) of the next full-time Washington starter is: Neuvirth 40%, Holtby 35%, Varlamov 15%, and “other” 10%.


Related, but different, I think Neuvirth 100% will be a successful NHL starting goaltender. Somewhere. Maybe not in Washington. Holtby 85% and Varlamov 60% (injuries, KHL flight risk).


Looks like the Red Wings will be rolling with a duo of Joey MacDonald and Thomas McCollum. Jimmy Howard expects to play a game or two before the season ends. But what if there is a setback?


Johan Franzen is expected to return to the lineup tonight against Chicago. Pavel Datsyuk is looking at either Wednesday or Saturday.


More injury news, this from the Dispatch (whose Aaron Portzline was among our guests in the recent Dobber Nation. Kristian Huselius will back in practice Monday.

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