April 10, 2011

Dobber Sports


The Draft list is now fully updated with the playoff match-ups. It is 8:56pm


Announcement: For those few who cannot work my Draft List because your Excel version is older, I have added an older version of the draft list to your downloads. You now have a choice of new (better, nicer) or old. Both should work if you have enabled macros.


Buy the Draft List here. It is more customizable than ever before – you can pick winners from each and every round, you can add games manually to other teams, you can sort in multiple ways, you can also print off "my" picks. The government is trying to get the courts to grant an injunction stopping me from releasing too much awesomeness all at once, so get it before they shut me down! This can be downloaded immediately.


I want to draw your attention to a cheap new tool that is available for the iphone. The Hockey Draft Buddy will track picked players, filter and/or sort in many different ways – the perfect help for you at the draft table. Just 99 cents – does money even break down into such small increments anymore? Anyway, pick it up, or read up on it – HERE.


One tidbit I missed – Jonas Hiller backed up Dan Ellis last night, but that could be an emergency type of situation and with vertigo he could probably grit his way through a period if he was needed to.


Leaf fans, are you disappointed? Had Toronto won just four games last night they would be in the playoffs today.


My THN column yesterday was on some players who I will be avoiding at the playoff draft table – that, combined with the two Puck Daddy pieces I did this past week, plus my Interactive Playoff Draft List – will help you kick ass.


For Dallas to get into the playoffs, they need Detroit to beat Chicago in regulation and they themselves need to win their game against the Wild. If Chicago gets a point, then my Draft List can be finalized for you by around 5pm/6pm. If not, then it will be late tonight.


By the way, I think it's astonishing that a team needs 98 points to get into the postseason. This is because of the weak teams in the league not getting a bigger piece of the points pie. Five teams with 74 or fewer points.


So the Devils couldn't lose a game to save their life three weeks ago. But as soon as they were eliminated, well, then suddenly they go 4-7-1 and give themselves the sixth overall draft pick. Well played, Lou. Well played.


Did the Rangers dodge a bullet or what? Their fate was in Carolina's hands, and the 'Canes blew it. Mats Zuccarello tallied in assist in his first game back in the NHL. But he saw just three minutes of action, leading me to believe that he will not be a playoff factor. Poolies note.


Just in the nick of time – Chris Drury scored his first goal of the season yesterday. He returned to action after sitting out two months with an injury. He played just eight minutes, but I think he's being eased back in. He is usually a big playoff performer.


Vinny Prospal has 20 points in his last 21 games and heads into the postseason hot.


The last time Martin Brodeur had a losing record was in 1991 when he was in the QMJHL. He finished 23-26-3. A comeback next year at 39? If healthy, I think he gets back up to 30