Enlightened You Shall Be (2010): Recap

Ryan Ma




For the next couple of weeks I thought I'd go back and revisit a few of my pre-season columns to see where I stood, while comparing them to now.


Right Wings are incredibly deep and yet left wings are not

  • Advice: Don't overreach for RW, if you have the opportunity to draft a LW ahead of a RW, DO SO! I would probably go as far as an extent to say draft your first two LW before you even make your first RW pick. As you can see the talent pool of the lower ranked RW are fairly deep that you could easily find a 55-65 point player on the WW post-draft, but I can't say the same for LW though.


  • I was pretty spot on with this one. 21 right wings hit the 55-point plateau compared to just 19 left wings, so not a big difference there. The noticeable difference was the number of fantasy-worthy players. There were 52 "fantasy worthy" righties that tallied above 40-points, compared to just 42 lefties, so there were plenty of "late round" options available after the draft.


Center, as always, is as deep as ever


  • Advice: Same situation as with the RW, if there is a LW sitting right in front of you, go after him before taking the C. If you look above, there isn't much difference between the 30th drafted C compared to the 20th or perhaps even the top 10.


  • Once again pretty much hit the nail on the head, 27 centermen hit the 55-point plateau and 54 tallied 40+ points to be deemed "fantasy worthy". Definitely much more "prevalent" than the either wing position.



Much like last year, the goalie hype seems to have died down this year, as draftees are holding off on picking up goalies early and electing to wait into the mid-rounds, (rounds 4, 5 or 6), to draft their first goalie.


  • Advice: Generally speaking you probably should have two solid goalies by round nine, and a third by round 10-12. You don't want to be left with a Brian Elliott/Kari Lehtonen/Steve Mason/Jonas Gustavsson as your number two goalie.

  • Many poolies were happy with their early picks (Roberto Luongo, Ilya Bryzgalov, and Pekka Rinne), but there were plenty of disappointments as well (Martin Brodeur, Jimmy Howard, and Tukka Rask). On the bright side, poolies who waited to snag surpris