DobberHockey’s Expert Panel – Second Round

Jeff Angus


Stanley Cup

The Expert Panel is back for round two! Dobber and a few others led the way going 7-for-8. The consensus went 7-for-8 as well.


The full breakdown:


Dobber 7/8 (ANA)
Angus 6/8 (PIT, ANA)
Bugg 5/8 (PIT, CHI, ANA)
Ma 5/8 (PIT, CHI, ANA)
Miller 7/8 (ANA)
Fergusson 7/8 (BUF)
Goldman 5/8 (NYR, BUF, ANA)
Imbeau 7/8 (PIT)
Kwiaton 6/8 (PHX, ANA)
Lancione 7/8 (ANA)
Laidlaw 6/8 (MTL, PIT)

Lucarelli 6/8 (NYR, ANA)

Poleck 7/8 (ANA)

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Kom 5/8 (PIT, PHX, ANA)
Renaud 6/8 (BUF, ANA)


Expert WSH vs. TBL PHI vs. BOS VAN vs. NSH SJS vs. DET
Dobber WSH in 5 BOS in 7 VAN in 7 SJS in 6
Jeff Angus