Top 10 Keeper League Right Wingers

Jeff Angus




The first edition of this list was put together last year, and it is something I am going to update at least once each season. I have a few general rules when it comes to building a team in a fantasy hockey keeper league. One of the more important ones is to not plan beyond a two or three year window. You are not building a real NHL club, and too often I see poolies place too much of an emphasis on youth and prospects instead of trying to add players who could help them win now.


Using this rule, take a look at your team(s). Can you realistically say you will have a shot at winning the league at some point within the next two or three seasons? If not, time to scrap the rebuild and start adding proven NHL talent.


Keeping the two-to-three-year window in mind, I have compiled a list of the top 10 keeper league right wingers to own (assuming standard keeper league rules and scoring categories). Using the scope, the long-term upside of these players is balanced with their NHL readiness.


I did my best to ensure only real right wingers were listed, not those who have the position eligibility but play elsewhere the majority of the time. I did include Claude Giroux, although he played most of this past season at center. He still has right wing eligibility, and his value as a right winger is immensely higher than his value as a center. If he changes position eligibility next season, the list will be updated without him. If you consider him a center, move him off the list and slide those below him up a spot.


This list is in order, which means that I wouldn't trade the fourth player straight across for the fifth player, and so on.  The one year upside is for 2011-12, and the three year upside is for any season between the next and 2013-14.


1. Corey Perry

The 2010-11 fantasy hockey MVP for countless poolies is clearly the best right winger to own in standard hockey pool formats. Perry shoots a lot, scores on a lot of those shots, fights, chirps the oppositions (and the referees), plays solid defense for a top line player, and does it all on a nightly basis. He defines the term "roto-monster." With linemates like Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan signed for the long term, Perry's reign at the top of this list is looking like it will be a long one.


He's hit 100 or more PIM in each of the last four seasons. He's been extremely consistent with his time in the sinbin too – the last four seasons his final PIM total has ranged between 104 and 111. Perry is one of the most skilled players in the game. He may not hit 50 goals again, but I'd wager that he comes very clo