June 05, 2011

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Goldie Says: Here is my latest piece for NHL.com titled Luongo Establishes Edge on Thomas. It’s a stream of consciousness from Game 2. Take a quick peek, as it will help me get credentialed for the NHL Entry Draft! I don’t fault Thomas for his decision to lunge out at Burrows in OT … I fault him for not eliminating Burrows completely.


I should also mention my first big trade in several months in one of my keepers. This is the 22-year-old league, points only, playoffs are included. I was doing a full-blown rebuild, as the half-ass rebuild wasn’t working out because my guys kept getting hurt (mainly Malkin). I had a few problems – 1) too many Russians. I love them, very talented, but too much risk to have so many. The KHL is very real and three of my (now former) players are in Russia as I type this. I also have several incredibly high draft picks for this summer…but my only drop was Beleskey (he is not a drop in many leagues, but in this one it is best if, barring a monster camp, he gets replaced with someone better).

So, I gave:

Tyler Ennis, Evgeni Kuznetsov, Vlad Tarasenko, Nikita Filatov, Louis Leblanc…plus I gave him the 12th overall pick this summer, plus I gave him his January midseason draft pick back…and I gave him his January (2013) draft pick back.

I got:

Zach Parise, Mikko Koivu, Eric Tangradi, a lesser January pick (2013) and a late pick this summer.


What that did – well, it got me a proven, awesome player in Parise. It freed up two slots on my roster to use my third overall pick, 15th and 17th picks. Getting Tangradi for Leblanc helps my playoff situation, because I own Malkin, Staal and Jeffrey already. I gave up blue-chip prospects, but I just have a feeling that while two Russians become stars, one stays in Russia. They can’t all come over and be stars, can they? I still own several great prospects: Tatar, Gerbe, Omark, Jeffrey, Tangradi…and that pick will be RNH, Landeskog or Huberdeau.


If Kronwall’s progress is a good measuring stick – and it is – then 24-year-old Jakub Kindl should be a 20-point player this year and play all the games. Unlike Kronwall, who gets/got hurt all the time, Kindl should progress a little quicker. It still means that he is three years away from 50 points. But I think he’ll get there.


Evgeni Malkin’s knee injury is healing quickly, according to Chesnokov. Don’t doubt me on this – if he recovers completely, with no pain, he’s getting 120 points. In his sleep.


Move over Sean Avery and make room for another Dobber favorite. Max Lapierre, you can do no more wrong in my eyes. That trash talk you did on Patrice Bergeron was classic. Couldn't have executed it better myself and I'm a pretty good executor.


Winnipeg fired Atlanta’s GM Rick Dudley. That’s right, get all the slush out of there. Bring in some more great businessmen. I like it!


The Penguins have signed Nick Johnson to a one-year contract. It is a two-way deal, so we likely won’t see him up very often.



Brad Richards, I was looking at the different teams and looking at the 'fit' or the 'cap space' and threw down some Dobber odds on where he'll sign. Feel free to agree or mock…