June 06, 2011

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As part of this summer’s launch of the Dobber Sports Network, I have launched a Facebook page, where I’ll interact with you and where I’ll post announcements. It is also a great spot for you to interact with the other members of the network – Hockey Pool Geek, Frozen Pool, Goalie Post, DobberBaseball and two more upcoming members (to be announced soon). I invite/ask/beg you to “like” the group.


Thoughts on Manitoba vs. Winnipeg in terms of team names – I think it will be called “Manitoba” because the prevalent thinking is that it makes more business sense to name it after the province and thereby involve more people. But I’ll tell ya, if Toronto gets a second team, plunks it in Pickering (bear with me) and calls it the Ontario Blanks instead of the Pickering Blanks, my attachment will be negatively impacted. I want to see my city name there and I can’t help but root my city on.


I don't mind an ex-coach or ex-GM being offered a job in the same capacity. Sometimes even a second time. But not all coaches and not all GM's. Just the good ones. I don't believe Marc Crawford can coach in the new NHL, for example. I also think Ken Hitchcock's style no longer works. The bar should be high, because there are thousands of truly great candidates out there for those jobs. Well, not so much for coaching, but absolutely for managing. And I think Winnipeg giving a new GM an offer – Kevin Cheveldayoff – is fantastic. He is an assistant GM for Chicago, and was a wonderful GM for the AHL's Chicago Wolves.


Interesting stuff from Sabres Edge – six times this postseason, Boston has allowed a goal within 43 seconds of the start of a period. Speaks to Tim Thomas' readiness when he's cold. Once he warms up a bit, he's unbeatable.


Some thoughts based on Twitter requests:


Game 3 could go either way. I really think 50/50 on this one. But if the Canucks win, then they take the series in five games. If the Bruins win, I think they'll win Game 4 and tie it up.


Yesterday, I posted my own thoughts/odds of where Brad Richards signs. He wants to play for a contender, or so he says. But didn't Ilya Kovalchuk say the same thing last year? Bottom line was, four teams could have signed Kovalchuk last year. Atlanta – and he burned that bridge, the Kings – and they couldn't afford to go high enough, the Isles and the Devils. If he wanted to go to a "contender" between those two teams then he chose the wrong team. I said that last year and I'll say it again now that it's more obvious. Bottom line: Kovalchuk went to the only team that could afford him. With Richards, there are several more players in the mix. But let's face it – every team that is in the mix according to my chart yesterday is not a "contender". Every one of them could be a contender in three years. So if he says he wants to play for a contender, it's lip service. Because "contender" today would mean Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Detroit, San Jose, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and Tampa Bay. And he won't sign with any of those teams.


If I were to slot some quick projections to the nearest five points, here are the 21 best UFA defensemen in terms of points or potential points. Some comments – Pitkanen is the best wild card, as he could really flourish with certain teams. Kaberle is a former multi-55 player,