June 07, 2011

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I’ll have more in the ramblings late tonight/tomorrow morning, but the Flyers have acquired the rights to Ilya Bryzgalov from the Coyotes for a third round pick. Also, the Winnipeg franchise will hire Kevin Cheveldayoff to be their new GM. My thoughts forthcoming.


Update II – Aaron Rome was suspended four games this morning for the hit on Horton. If the series does not go seven games, he will miss time next season.


To be clear – content and fantasy advice will never appear on Facebook. Only here, in the forum, or on Twitter. The Facebook page is strictly a means of interacting with the sites that are on (or will be on) the network. Get your voice heard, get things that you would like to see out there. Announcements may go more in-depth over there, i.e. the upcoming Toronto event. Pictures will go over there (again, the Toronto event and other events). Being in its infancy, I don’t fully know exactly what all can be done with it. But you do help the site grow – in traffic and prestige – by liking the page. Added traffic and prestige means better prizes for our contests. If you have any questions you can always ask me here, or on the Facebook page, and I will be happy to answer them.


Wonder if anyone out there can put me in touch with somebody who is developing an online fantasy hockey game such as Small World…


Update – Horton has a ‘severe concussion‘ and will not return for the Final.


Regarding the Dobber Sports Facebook page – I understand many of you are leery about announcing to all of your Facebook friends that you like Dobber Sports, because it may give away what you believe is a great secret and an edge to winning your league. I have three points that I like to make on that. One – I wholeheartedly agree, if that were the case. It’s all about the win. BUT:

Two – If they don’t know about it by now, then they’ll never know about it. I’m advertised this year in McKeen’s and The Hockey News pool guides, I write for THN, Puck Daddy, the Score Forecaster…this stuff is all over the place now, there’s no hiding it. Besides, how many times do you ignore your newsfeed when a friend “like’s” a company? How about “always”.

Three – Even if you tell some competitors about it, they are still too lazy to put forth the effort. In my 22-year keeper league, I am certain that seven of the 14 guys do not go to my site…ever. And another one or two only visit monthly. And I only notice maybe five of them buying my guides. This is my own league – they know all about the site, they just don’t care. You can generally find them in the middle of the standings every year, as they are not good enough to win and not smart enough to jockey for a better draft pick.


Nathan Horton was carried off the ice on a stretcher after a (late?) hit by Aaron Rome, who was kicked out of the game. Horton was taken off the ice on a stretcher, but was clearly trying to get the trainers and staff to let him off and let him skate on his own so hopefully he is okay. He was taken to hospital where his exremities were all moving. Probably a concussion, but the severity is unknown. I'm gues