June 09, 2011

Jeff Angus



Goldie Says: My latest on NHL.com looks at Luongo’s crumbling confidence. Great deal for Reimer and his owners. I take a look at his potential next season as well.


One year and $3.25 million for Kostitsyn the elder in Montreal. Another 18-25 goal season filled with inconsistency – take that to the bank!


The Leafs have locked up James Reimer to a three year deal worth $1.8 million per. Solid contract for both sides. A potential steal for the Leafs if Reimer plays as well over the next three years as he did during his rookie season.


Thoughts on the game:


Is there a pro athlete who loves playing his sport more than Tim Thomas? Canucks are in very tough – I can’t see Thomas losing two of his next three starts. He’s inside the head of every single player on the Vancouver roster.


Brad Marchand was the best player on the ice – he was flying and dangling all game long. He needs to stay on the edge and not go over (end of the game, clothesline and low bridge), but right now he’s having a Dave Bolland-like impact on the Sedin twins.


Dan Hamhuis injury hurts… a lot. Why? It forces Ehrhoff up. It forces Edler up. It forces Alberts up. And as we saw last night, it forces a very rusty Keith Ballard into a tough situation.


Ballard had a gritty game (quite a few blocked shots), but he handled the puck like a grenade. He’s been handled abysmally by Vancouver this year – he should have been playing more down the stretch to ensure he wouldn’t be rusty in important games (like game four…).


As per a solid source – Hamhuis is done for the series with a serious rib injury. Same source who has passed along solid info in the past.


Vancouver getting sucked back into the style of game that cost them the past two years against Chicago. They’ll lose a physical battle with Boston 99 times out of 100. Boston is bigger, stronger, meaner, and tougher. Vancouver needs to get the PP figured out, and fast.


I tweeted before the game: Peverley has been awesome all series long. He would be my choice for L1.”


Great trade by the Bruins. Peverley doesn’t have Blake Wheeler’s size or pedigree, but he competes much harder and has been a seamless fit. He can play a variety of roles. I think his fantasy value has to be looking strong for next year and beyond with the liklihood that Savard is done.


Peverley is a legit top six forward, but Boston hasn’t been playing him there due to fantastic depth.

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Bryzgalov was apparently demanding the moon from Phoenix, prompting the Coyotes to trade him. I don’t think he really intended to re-sign there, and both sides probably figured that out pretty quickly.

It is funny how the NHL works