June 19, 2011

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Happy Father’s Day!


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Thank you everyone for coming on Friday night. And thanks to Sports Centre Cafe for a damn good venue. Gotta love it when it has a little flat screen TV at every table. Now, if they could work on TVs for above the urinals…


So we announced Friday the signing and transfer over of Goalie Post (now added to the nav menu above). Mr. Jeff Hillen, creator of the site, was in attendance and enjoyed talking to everyone. Thank you also to Gus Katsaros for coming by and sharing his observations as a pro scout for McKeens. A couple of other webmasters were there from My NHL Trade Rumors.com and TMLfans.ca. I don't want to list all 20 or so people in attendance, but a special shout out to fzusher, who always chimes in under the ramblings. Did not expect to meet him so it was nice. Everyone had a good time, and lots of suggestions that I do this more often!


One who could not make it, thanks to a last minute personal emergency that caused him to miss the flight – Justin Goldman, my partner in the Goalie Post initiative.


In the coming weeks, we will set up the GP site so that the famous Grid becomes free again. We will also upgrade the premium content to give a huge edge to anyone who shells out ten bucks (yeah, less than a buck per month to get instant goalie analysis and whatever team emailed updates you wish). More deets to come. Hold off on any memberships for now…


Under-the-radar signing: Colorado signing an old Dobber favorite Joakim Lindstrom. You remember my thoughts on him, don't you? Here they were:

2008 Fantasy Prospects Report:

It's so close he can taste it. After two years of being on the cusp of an NHL spot, Lindstrom somehow found a way to get even closer to full-time duty…without getting full-time duty. The 24-year-old second-round pick (2002) broke two barriers last campaign: he soundly cleared a point per game in the AHL (60 in 49) and he got into 25 NHL games (seven points). He has a little bit of everything – offense, defense, physicality, etc. – and seems destined for a second-line spot. Skating would be the only reason why he should not make the team this time – he's considered a little slow. That said, he should finally stick and he'll collect 40 points in his first full NHL season.


Upside: Andrew Brunette (25-45-70+, 60+ PIM)

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Certainty (NHLer; Upside): 70%; 35%


From the 2008 Fantasy Guide:

Despite having only seven points in 25 games, Lindstrom is a player worth watching with his new team the Ducks. Lindstrom was a point-per-game player in the AHL last season but on average was only given just over nine minutes of ice time. Playing alongside capable linemates like Nash or Fedorov, Lindstrom had five of his seven total points. Anaheim has some opportunity on the second line with only Getzlaf, Perry and potentially Ryan carrying star potential. If given time, 24-year-old Joakim will stick and be more than serviceable.


Now – and I stress this – Co