DobberNation: Bugg, Dobber, and Bukala

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This month, host Brian Kom chats with Matt Bugg, DobberHockey’s resident prospect guru. Kom also catches up with Dobber himself. Rounding out the group is Nashville’s North American Amateur scout, Jason Bukala. Click here to listen to the podcast!


On this episode…


Jason Bukala, Nashville Predators’ North American Amateur Scout, dives into the Preds’ depth chart to give you the heads-up on the emergence of some unheralded (and a couple more well-known) prospects within the Nashville organization, and talks about why the team has been so successful with their drafting strategy.


Dobber chats about the top prospects and the teams that would let them play up to their full potential as possible. He also gives us his take on which of this year’s draft class have the best short- and long-term fantasy value.

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Matt Bugg, Senior Prospects Writer for DobberHockey and WHL Scout for McKeen’s Hockey, discusses who the most important prospects should be in your fantasy draft, the fantasy trade value of a 2011 draft pick versus a 2012 draft pick, and also divulges a few names that should perk up your ears when they’re called this weekend.


Enjoy the DobberNation podcast, hosted by Brian Kom, on the 25th of each month!