Roto Keeper Monsters – Hits/BS Top 10 Defensemen

Gates Imbeau



Hits and Blocked Shots are two rotisserie categories that have been thrown into the limelight of fantasy hockey as of late. This edition of Roto Keeper Monsters allows you to experience a different mindset of category evaluation. By taking a proactive approach and diving into the world of extended categories, I hope to provide you with an alternative way of building a winning team.


This combination of categories accentuates the value of physical defensemen. Thus, added importance must given to the few defensemen who willingly throw their bodies in harm's way for the good of their team.


In fantasy hockey, commissioners tend to use Hits and Blocked Shots for several league specific reasons:

1) It can bring balance to category weight between Forwards, Defensemen and Goalies,
2) It rewards players that would otherwise have no fantasy value (especially some fan favourites),
3) It bridges the gap between real NHL value and fantasy league value,
4) It adds different layers to team building and creates more ways to win. 

Before reading, keep in mind that Hits and Blocked Shots are the only statistics in focus; all other categories have zero influence over the rankings shown below.

10.  Theo Peckham

Last season, Peckham was arguably the best bang for your buck player in leagues with extended peripheral categories – he finished with a very respectable 196 hits, 123 blocked shots and 198 penalty minutes… all while making only $ 550,000.  At age 23, Theo's star is shining bright and is a fan favourite in the making.

Should Peckham repeat last year's performance, your chances at acquiring him cheap will be slim to none. Kudos to the fantasy managers who caught on early and acquired him last season – he will not disappoint. To all others, the word is out.

One Year Upside : 225 Hits, 125 Blocked Shots
Three Year Upside : 265 Hits, 150 Blocked Shots

9. Brooks Orpik

Arguably one of the best hitters in the game, Orpik has undoubtedly been a key component to the Penguins' blue line for the better part of the decade. Over the last four seasons, Orpik came three shoves shy of a thousand hits, including the massive 309 hit showing in 2008-09 (1st among defensemen, and 2nd league wide behind Minnesota's Cal Clutterbuck).

Yes, Orpik's totals have been slightly decreasing since that power season, but don't sweat it. In the 63 games he did play last season, the lowest of his NHL career, Brooks posted up 194 hits and 94 blocked shots – putting him right on par when prorated to 82 games.

While reaching the 300 hit plateau might have been a career season for Orpik, at 30 years of age, Brooks can still be very efficient in keeper leagues.

One Year Upside : 240 Hits, 125 Blocked Shots
Three Year Upside : 275 Hits, 140 Blocked Shots

8.  Matt Greene

When a player clocks in a combined 683 hits and 398 blocked shots over their last three seasons, they deserve to be on this list. If your league counts Hits and Blocks, Matt Greene makes a great category-specific solution. With the prop