Anaheim acquires Andrew Cogliano

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Fantasy Impact: The Anaheim Ducks have acquired forward Andrew Cogliano from the Oilers for a second-round draft pick (2013).


The Oilers get: a very good draft pick for a player who no longer fits on the roster, now that the team has Eric Belanger and a surprisingly ready Anton Lander.


The Ducks get: a potential second-line scorer in Cogliano, who is fast, shifty and smart.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Cogliano wasn’t moving forward offensively the way he should. As usual, a change of scenery can only help. This is the perfect situation for him, because I felt that Saku Koivu is no longer a full-time second-line center. He is best suited for a second/third hybrid role. That is to say, he can post some offense, but shouldn’t be counted on for the full offense expected of a second liner. To compliment that, they needed a similar player. They have one in Cogliano.


In four seasons in the NHL, Cogliano hasn’t missed a game. He also hasn’t touched the 45 points he scored as a rookie. Logically, he should be able to return there and then improve upon it. With no pressure to get 60 points, he should be able to thrive. Which means, if there ever was a time that he will get past that 50-point mark, it’s this season. During hot streaks, he could be a solid second-line center. During cold streaks, the job will go to Koivu’s line.


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On thing that really stands out about the new situation is the Bobby Ryan factor. The Ducks like to spread the offense out and they hate being forced to play Ryan with the big guns. So he’s going to see time on other lines. Which means he’s going to see time with Cogliano. The Oilers never had a guy like that – a guy with size who plays with grit and yet has the skills to post over 80 points. Cogliano, who is on the small side to put it nicely, needs a bigger winger. I would pencil him in for a career high of 47 po