July 25, 2011

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Got some time on your hands? Why not build a roster tree for your favorite hockey team, much like Fear the Fin did here! Every player on the squad and where they came from. Bet you didn’t know that Pat Falloon actually turned into, in a roundabout way, Jamie McGinn!


It's looking like Bud Holloway, a Kings' prospect with some upside, may sign a deal to play in Sweden next season. After losing Moller, and probably Voynov if he doesn't make the team (although I think he will – hint hint fantasy guide, ahem), it is clear that some of the great prospects in their system are getting a little anxious about their lack of opportunity. Pittsburgh and Boston may soon get this problem as well. Sometimes it's okay to not sign the Ponikarovskys or the Dupuis' of the world, and save a spot for the 23-year-olds to fight over.


I think people are 50/50 on loving/hating the new Jets logo. I like it, and I like the color scheme. Some of the objections I see make me laugh. I have two thoughts that come to mind on that: 1) Some are even naming what the model of jet is. Who, older than the age of 12, knows that stuff? And 2) If the jet on the logo is too much like the army or like Air Canada…what would you suggest be on the logo of a team named the Jets? Monkeys?


Andrew MacDonald, who underwent surgery for a torn labrum, is working towards a full recovery in time for training camp. He's a Band-Aid Boy though, and I would be surprised if he made it to 70 games.


Stefan Elliott, rookie of the year? That's Adrian Dater's early pick. Can't really come up with any big argument on that call, but he is one of a dozen for sure.


Nate Gerbe, from Sabres Nation, the tenacity here is fantastic, starting at around 5:12 …

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