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The Dobber Sports Network is now here in full force! I've worked with the gang in an effort to pool our efforts and offer the best savings – and here are the details of the packages that we have put together…


First, a brief note. I didn't approach 500 websites and ask them to join up with me and form a network. Hell no. I wanted each site to cover an important part of the Fantasy Hockey spectrum. I handpicked the best and the brightest. Frozen Pool was already on board with a tool that is so awesome that many major newspapers and television networks have referred to it. DobberBaseball was the next step in fantasy sports process, and that site has made huge strides over the past six months – setting record traffic with every month that goes by.


So next up was Goalie Post. I approached Jeff Hillen about it and was informed that he was looking to sell the site. Creating this much awesomeness took a lot of time and effort. That's the reason Justin and I bought the site – now Hillen's workload is eased, although he will still be involved in the site. Hockey Pool Geek was also a no-brainer. The mind-boggling things that Paul and Jamie can do with your fantasy team no matter what your league's settings are was just too much to ignore. Fantasy owners need that. So with fantastic research tools (Frozen Pool), a starting goalie tracker (Goalie Post) a fantasy squad and player evaluator (HPG) and a second sport (DobberBaseball)…I was just missing two things.


  1. A fantasy hockey manager
  2. An iPhone app


I have a lot of contacts in the fantasy hockey manager market. There are lots of great sites out there. But I wanted a new site that I could get in on the ground floor. One that was keeper league friendly. Hockey Knight fit the bill – and it is available for free this season as they go through some Beta testing. Help us work through the kinks this year and become a key part of shaping the future of Hockey Knight with your important feedback – add your league to this site, even as a secondary option! The more feedback we get, the better this pool manager will become.


Finally we have yesterday's launch of my Draft Buddy iPhone app for just $4.99 – that's right, for projections that I'm selling in the shop for $8.99 we had to drive that price point down by four bucks in order to match what many apps are selling at. Talk about a deal! I also have in the mix an app (that I hope to make free) that will quickly and easily navigate this site on your iPhone. Android is next on the docket, and possibly Blackberry (my current phone that I use).


And that brings me to the packages that myself and the gang have put together. Combining the products that you would buy anyway, and offering a savings thanks to the bulk pricing. Here is what we have come up with (or you can skip this and just see them in the Shop):